Doo Doo Doo Doo, Feelin’ Saucy! Igor’s Hot Sauce Review

Hot sauces I have known, of the good, the bad, and the Taco Bell.  Yoga Fire!

This article will review a number of hot sauces that I have tried. Some of them I have loved. Some I have hated. Let’s get saucy!

Smoldering Frog Sauce

Big thanks to my sis and brother-in-law for bringing this back for me from their freakin’ honeymoon! From Viques, Puerto Rico, Coqui Fire‘s concoction has sun dried tomato, onion, habanero, brown sugar, garlic, vinegar come right through with salt, tequila, and lime tying it all together into a smoothly tangy, slightly sweet, slightly savory sauce that tastes an awful lot like the best pico de gallo you’ve ever tasted -and that pico de gallo was made by a South Carolina bar-b-que master. A small amount of Habanero burn comes in shortly after the initial flavors, but it does only after you’ve had time to taste it all, as if it were playing the band out for the evening.

Delicious. Try on any dish, animal or vegetable! I need the rest of their sauces now.



Thank you, o lords of rock! GWAR gave us the most dark, evil, intergalactic, satanic, not-safe-for-work hot sauce from their most vile Richmond, Virginia restaurant. The recipe of onion, water, Habanero mash, vinegar, carrots, garlic, and lime juice goes on like a perfect marinara sauce, tastes like 45% fresh habanero, 45% rich, oniony, salty tomato sauce, 10% fine rib rub. Good burn, good flava.  I like ’em tasty and just enough to make me sweat.

It’s a little dodgy for broad application, but I have found it works a treat on cold cut sandwiches, pizza, and am looking forward to tryin’ it on a hamburger.  Tasty eeeeeeevil.

Seriously, the GWAR link ain’t safe for workplace or little ears.  ¡Cuidado, Hombre!

Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce

Not my favorite, to be honest, but a good ‘un heavy on the cayenne and habanero taste and burn with a smell that’s almost as dangerous.  There’s even an itsy-bitsy sweetness to it. Much nostalgia love for Blair’s Sudden Death though, going back to being adolescent and up way too late with my best friend as we both tried to go through my parents’ fridge and see what we could enhance with good ol’ Blair. If this wasn’t the first, it was also one of the first few hot sauces my Dad bought me.

Use sparingly, and keep dairy handy!

Jalapeño Tabasco sauce

Tabasco Sauce‘s Green Pepper (Green Jalapeño Tabasco) Sauce was, and still is an anomaly for me. I like original McIlhenny’s Tabasco Sauce the most out of all of their offerings as a topping, but hot dang, the way their Jalapeño Tabasco tastes? I drink it. Really do.

Fun fact: McIlhenny made the first batches of Tabasco in a bathtub.

Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings‘ hottest sauce = Hot mess. Tried it, respected the Ghost Pepper burn (first one I’ve needed milk for in a long time), but immediately could barely taste the sauce over the burning. Pass. If you want a wing chain to serve you a very tasty sauce that is also their hottest, go to Wingstop, and order their Atomic Sauced wings. Nice, strong vinegar zing in a pretty nice mix of peppery tomato-y taste with a heavy burn- be careful!


Honorable Mentions


hot sauces Yellow Thunder
Good night, sweet prince.

Yellow Thunder

Possibly my favorite hot sauce of all time, sadly out of business, and as such, out of production. Made with jalapeño, garlic and mustard seed as the main ingredients, this bad boy was only slightly hotter than Jalapeño Tabasco sauce, but good night it tasted delightful. I put this stuff on salad, sandwiches, ribs, hot dogs, bread, pasta, hamburgers, pizza… I think the only thing I blanched at was using it on cereal. But, I thought about it. R.I.P. crazy little red genie on a yellow pepper sauce (that’s him on the right side of the label).

Taco Bell Mild Sauce

Barely hot at all to my palate now; but still such a great balance of taste and bite that I had to give a nod to the very first hot sauce I ever had. Fun facts: Taco Bell started life as a hotdog cart business. The sauces are the only thing left from those days. It’s almost the same recipe as the sauce that was used for their chili dogs.


Last warning: I judge all hot sauce quality by taste, burn, and whether or not I want to cover my food in it. You really think Taco Bell is dangerous two to four hours later? Aheheheh.  Happy eating (but don’t forget the dairy for emergencies)!



Igor, Possibly a Box



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    • Avatar
      June 30, 2017 at 5:19 am

      Bohabanero and Smoldering Frog are the best (that still exist). I really do want to order all of Coqui Fire’s sauces. Smoldering Frog is that good. Plus, they’re a small cafe in Puerto Rico, so I am extra down with publicizing them.

      I’d share if I could!


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