Fear the Walking Dead 503: Humbug’s Gulch – TV Talks Reaction Podcast

Fear TWD 503: Humbug’s Gulch

Welcome back Geek Enthusiasts, Nerd Aficionados, and Dead Heads. Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead is here, and with it the return of MaliceCast TV Talks 3 R’s (React, Recap, Review) Podcast. Breakdown weekly what was great, what was missed, and what can be made fun of. Join us live on Twitch or watch / listen on Youtube, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcasts.com, or at our home website Malice-Corp.com. Thank you for checking us out, joining the conversation in the comments, reviewing, and subscribing. We hope you come back for more. Any further details about where to go for more continue scrolling down. This episode we react, review, and recap Fear TWD 503: Humbug’s Gulch.

THIS IS A SPOILER CAST. Don’t watch or read further if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3: Humbug’s Gulch Episode Reactions:

  • Just how many theme park ghost towns are out there?
  • What did the Zombies eat to get the bowel blockade strength for those fences?
  • How many groups are we dealing with?
  • How long will Dwight be sticking around?
  • Just what is the deal with Max, Dylan, and Annie?

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