Exploit Hunter program details released by Conan Exiles and Fun.Com

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COMWe got us some more news and details on the new program from Conan Exiles and Fun.Com.  Well if you like rooting out bugs in software or have just had the bad luck to run into them on a regular basis this is good news for you.

Exploit Hunters program

This new program offers to pay players that find bugs a fee for reporting them to Conan Exiles Developers and Fun.Com.  We lifted the details below from the Dev’s Blog posts for your reading pleasure.  Check it out and we will pick up with some more thoughts below.

Dev Blog post

“Throughout Early Access we would like to reward our community for bringing big exploits to our attention. One of the most important things we can do to make sure Conan Exiles provides a fair and balanced playing field is making sure we eliminate exploits as early as possible.

By working together we can more easily discover exploits which ruin the fun of playing Conan Exiles. So please tell us if you discover such major exploits, and you may receive a nice reward for your efforts and for helping the entire community.

What we are looking for:

  • Serious exploits which can be used in online play and on multiplayer servers. (This would for example be exploits which gave certain players big advantages in the game, like duplicating items or being able to build inside mountains.)

How to proceed if you find such a serious exploit:

  • Go to https://conanexiles.com/exploithunters/  and write a detailed test case for the exploit. You must describe each step needed to reproduce what you have found. Please include your PayPal email so we can reward you for your help. Also, please include your name or Steam user name if you wish it to be included in our list of rewarded Exploit Hunters.

We will evaluate all the submissions sent to us but only respond to and reward those which have revealed a serious exploit which we were not aware of.

If we deem your submission valuable you may receive a reward of between $100 and $500 sent to you via PayPal. The size of the reward will depend on how valuable we deem your submission. Every rewarded Exploit Hunter which has included their name or Steam name will be listed in the Tech Support and Bug Reports forum on Steam.

Please note, you will not be rewarded if:

  • We were already aware of the serious exploit you discovered.

  • Someone else had already submitted a report on the serious exploit you had found.

  • We do not deem the exploit you found to be severe enough.”


Thoughts & Conclusions

Nuts huh?  They want to pay you to find the bugs in their software.  Sounds like to me some serious dedication to the fans and community.  The game is still in early access so there will be lots of chance for people to nail down them bugs and get PAID!

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