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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a busy man, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now. His plate is full, and he’s cooking up a storm. The projects for him have been coming fast and furious (pun intended.)

Disney Jungle CruiseJungle_Cruise

It was announced last week, from Hollywood Reporter, that the long in development Jungle Cruise film would finally be going forward. Dwayne will both star and help produce. Jungle Cruise has been a property long talked about to come to film. After the success of Pirates of the Carribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), Disney started looking at its other ride properties for the movie treatment. The lackluster Haunted Mansion film with Eddie Murphy got made, and rumors were popping up that Jungle Cruise was going to be made into a movie – but it never happened. Dwayne has been attached to the film since 2015. It appears time in his busy schedule and the script treatment is finally coinciding. The filming is planned to begin in 2018. At this time there is no director attached.

Black Adam HintsBlack_Adam

We already knew The Rock was going to be playing Black Adam- the villain to Shazam AKA Captain Marvel. In an interview with MTV News at the red carpet for Fate of the Furious Dwayne talked about a few more details.

(:37 mark) Dwayne was asked about whether the casting for Captain Marvel had been found. His Response was,

“The cool thing about that is we’ve had great discussions, right, with Geoff Johns over there at DC, phenomenal. And it’s uh, this is a really, really fun cool time for DC right now. Cause they’re really in a process of truly world building, and building out. Right, and we’re seeing that, right, with Wonder Woman and Aquaman and we have a few surprises down the line. So what we decided to do is actually create a scenario where Black Adam is having his standalone movie, right. Captain Marvel, uh, Shazam will have his standalone movie, and then, that way, we’re building our world up that way. And then we can come together at some other point. So, we have a, we have a surprise for Black Adam coming up. I can’t tell you what it is. It is going to be,”  He then looked around and grabbed the reporter’s shoulder. As if he was looking around to make sure he wasn’t going to get in trouble. “Alright are the cameras off, the surprise with Black Adam is that it’s going to be just Fu$%ing Awesome”

What’s this tell us?

The main points to take from this are:

  • Captain Marvel hasn’t been cast or if he has The Rock ain’t saying.
  • Black Adam will have his standalone movie, looking like it will be here before the Captain Marvel movie. Maybe due to Marvel Studio’s character with the same name already being further along than the DC one.
  • The two won’t come to blows until a third movie
  • Lastly Black Adam is going to be F%$&ing Awesome and DCEU needs that right now.

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