Draft Day: Not the NFL, Malice-Corp Superhero Draft

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

There’s a tag line you see on our website, All Things Nerd. Well, in honor of the NFL’s draft weekend, we wanted to make sure nobody was left out. Meaning, those that don’t play or focus on football. If you do, that’s alright. You can still have fun with this as well. Especially if your NFL team is not doing so hot in the draft. We decided to get a group of our contributors together and have a fun Geek/Nerd draft. We took turns drafting and each of us put together our own Best Superhero Team to pit against each other in a fight to the finish. Top dog, last nerd standing, king of the mountain. It’s fitting because not only is the draft this weekend, but it’s also National Superhero Day as well.

Superhero Draft

  • The Contributors

    • The faces you may have grown to know are laying it on the line. The teams are chosen by BCON, Mrs. Malice, BigPapaMatt, Mest5150, Jack Malice, SuperWhovianFreak, and NudieRudie.
  • Draft Rules

    • First pick must be your team leader, everyone then picks what is gong to help round their team out. The positions are:
      • Leader
      • Defense
      • Support
      • Offense
      • Stratagist
      • Flex ( can be any of the above as a back-up)
    • No Gods and they can’t be bigger then a semi-truck with trailer attached.
      • Superman has his own thing going on


You can check out the video and get in on the draft. We want you to watch the video so that you know who was picked. Then, leave a comment of your team with remaining heroes left here, or on the YouTube video. Stay tuned to find out the brackets and our head to head smack talk on why each team will beat their opponents. We will also have a way for you to get involved in the results with a weekly poll on which team you think would kick the other ones butt. Make sure to like and subscribe to the video and the channel to be kept up to date. Thank you for your support. We will see you all on the gridiron.



MEST5150 – Contributor

Twitter – @Mest_MaliceCorp

Instagram – Mest5150

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