Nerd Fight Poll Results: Favorite Doctor Who Villain?

Nerd Fight Poll Results: Favorite Doctor Who Villain.

Which Villain Won The Fight?

With the Doctor Who finale beginning tonight, we capped off this week’s nerd fight with a  celebration of our favorite villains. The idea originally came about because of the return of the Master. We wanted to have a discussion about who is the best Doctor Who villain. So, the team went to Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media outlets to find out who you all though was the the best Doctor Who villain.

Last Place:

Satan (Devil’s Pit):

This villain was one of the scariest on screen villains that the doctor has ever faced, but that was not enough for him to be called the best. To the Doctor, the Devil is merely an idea given by religions throughout existence. Whatever it was, it had a powerful enough psychic presence to control the peaceful Ood on the space station, turning them into a murderous beings. It would appear that his psychic presence was not enough to get fans to vote for him.

5th Place:

The Cybermen:

There was no eliminating the enemy for the Cybermen this time. They could not assemble an army out of our fan voters. A formidable foe to the Doctor but not a formidable enough opponent on this week’s poll. Without the Cybermen we would not have had Rory as the last centurion. So, we owe a lot to the Cybermen. It is too bad they did not have as much support this week as expected.

4th Place:

The Daleks:

Perhaps the most well known adversary of the Doctor. Daleks were a warrior race made up of genetically engineered mutants who were originally from the planet Skaro. On many occasions, the Daleks openly acknowledged the Doctor as their greatest enemy. Unfortunately the Daleks will not be exterminating anyone as they fell short in this week’s poll.

3rd Place:

Vashta Nerada:

Literally called, “the shadows that melt the flesh”, were swarming, carnivorous beings which were found on most planets.The most terrifying thing about them is you can’t see them coming until someone is already dead. In large numbers, they could strip a creature to its bare bones in milliseconds. The Doctor believed they had no weaknesses, and the only thing to do was to run. It would appear that their greatest weakness is a lack of fan support which left them in third place.

2nd Place:

The Master:

Though they had been friends from childhood and schoolmates at the Academy, the Master’s lust for power would eventually pull the two apart. The Doctor and the Master would sometimes remain close friends despite their rivalry. The Master developed an intense hatred for and often sought to kill the Doctor. The Doctor came to regard the Master as his arch-enemy.

The Master truly turned out to be a formidable enemy in this week’s poll and nearly was crowned as the fan favorite Doctor Who villain. There were actually multiple polls out on Reddit which had The Master in the lead, but in the poll that counted, he came up just short of victory.

1st Place:

Weeping Angels:

The Weeping Angels are an extremely powerful and creepy species of quantum-locked humanoids. The proved to be the fan favorite for Doctor Who villain. However, their unique nature necessitated that they often covered their faces with their hands to prevent trapping each other in petrified form for eternity by looking at one another. They are known for being “kind” psychopaths, eradicating their victims “mercifully” by dropping them into the past and letting them live out their full lives. This, in turn, allowed them to live off the remaining time energy of the victim’s life.

To some this is crueler than death, having to live a life away from your loved ones in a different time. The Weeping Angels are one of the creepiest adversaries the Doctor has ever faced. Also, they appear in some of the scariest episodes of the show. It is no wonder why fans voted for them. As soon as they saw the poll, they could not look away or even blink! They had to vote!

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I hope everyone had fun with the poll. Next week’s Nerd Fight is Favorite Doctor Who Doctor and Companion combination. With the end of Capaldi and Moffat approaching, we thought we would honor the wonderful franchise once again. I truly hope to see you all out there voting and having lots of fun debating who is the best Doctor Who team.

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~BCON, Editor



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