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Lets talk about the “Merc with a mouth”.

With the release of Logan on March 3 from 20th Century Fox we got a teaser video for Deadpool 2.  There is some debate if this a teaser for the movie or just a great little short from Ryan Reynolds.

No matter if this is a teaser for the up coming movie or just another great little piece of Deadpool I am excited for this movie.  With this little release it brings up questions of a possible Deadpool/Wolverine movie.  To me that would be the greatest buddy or frienemy movie of all time.

With they set the bar high with Deadpool, it will be hard to top the originalLogan Movie Poster.  I have high hopes and even higher expectations for this movie, but little doubt that it will be great.  This is a passion project for Ryan Reynolds; he was born to play Deadpool.  I doubt he will let any thing get through like the catastrophe that was the “no mouth merc with a mouth” from Wolverine: Origins.

Give the teaser a watch, would love to hear what people think of it.  Not to toss out any spoilers on it before you watch, but oh my god I love the firefly posters!  For all you Nerds out there how many Easter eggs can you spot in the video.  Let me know in the comments below.

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