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The day that Deadpool 2 hits the theaters is getting ever closer. We now have confirmation that the film is fully in production, and the “Merc with a Mouth” himself has arrived on set.

Deadpool 2 Day one

Ryan Reynolds gave the confirmation that day one of  Deadpool 2, at least for him, had finished filming. As he has been so adept at doing in the past, he let everyone know via Social Media on 6/26/17 with this picture:


The sun sets on day 1. Feels good to be back. This dog can hunt.

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Along with the announcement from Mr. Reynolds. {That’s right I call him Mister. With that much swagger and charisma I feel it’s expected.} Photo’s of the filming have been popping up online. JustJared.Com has two galleries of these. In one gallery the photos depict Deadpool out in casual wear running into a child’s party, and his casual wear in question an Expo ’86 sweatshirt. A very classy Canadian throwback. The other gallery has The ‘Pool wielding a gun whilst still not in full uniform. This time wearing a Crazy Horse Paris, France shirt and red/black windbreaker.

Impact for fans

So what does Reynolds joining into the filming mean for the fans anxiously waiting for the film? One, the obvious we keep getting closer and closer to getting the film, but even better than that it gives us a greater opportunity to get something else very soon.

San Diego Comic-Con takes place July 19 – 23. Fox typically has a panel for their films on Saturday of the Convention in Hall H. Deadpool owes a large amount of it’s success to SDCC, and Reynolds is very aware of this. Remember it was due to leaked test footage around the time of the con, as a result fans clamored for the film to be made. On top of all this Deadpool has really been the resurgence for Fox’s Marvel properties. Fox has consistently tried to play it safe with their superhero films. If not for the success of the R-rated Deadpool. We may not have gotten the fantastic film that we received in the way of Logan.

If the Fox executives are paying attention they know this as well. This makes the expectation that Deadpool will be in attendance for SDCC, and the factor that we are now getting confirmation of Mr. Reynolds on set helps to further that. Only because now they will have something to bring to all us fan’s peepers.

Marvel paved the way

Guardians of the Galaxy proved it doesn’t matter how far away you are while filming, and that you don’t need a ton of footage to make a great sizzle reel, ultimately getting fans excited at SDCC. The first Guardians showed up at the convention after having only filmed for 10 days, the sizzle real we got was amazing. On top of this they were filming in London. They literally got the whole cast onto a private plane, flew them into San Diego for the panel, and then flew everyone back to continue shooting after the panel. The panel was the first time Benicio Del Toro had met any of the cast. He had just been cast as The Collector and hadn’t filmed any scenes yet. It was a great experience, and further increased the hype for the film.

Deadpool 2 is filming in Vancouver, Canada. A much easier jump to California, and will have filmed more scenes than Guardians that don’t involve a CGI raccoon and tree creature.

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