Dark Pirate Shea joins Malice-Corp

Greetings to all from Malice-Corp.com.

Malice-Corp is proud to welcome the Dark Pirate Shea to the ranks of official contributors. DPS (what I have decided to call Dark Pirate Shea) is an Artist, Photographer, Gamer, writer, and has a 3rd degree black belt in Nerd-FU so watch out.

We here at Malice-Corp are extremely lucky to have her join our staff of contributors. Maybe she can class up the place, let’s face it us tech nerd guys are messy and not always so good at making things that don’t have blinking lights or super death rays attached to their heads. I do love me a good laser beam…
So stay tuned to Malice-Corp as DPS helps bring the site to life with her artistic flair or she dazzles you with her wits and gaming talents on her twitch feed! Wait it doesn’t stop there on her twitch feed; you can tune in and watch her work on various art projects as well. You can catch here twitch feed here at Malice-Corp or on twitch directly or check out some of her work at deviant art, links will be below.  Maybe even follow here on Instagram.

Once again all of us here at Malice-Corp want to welcome DPS one more time to our hive of scum and villainy.

Jack Malice; contributor and founder.





Malice-Corp Twitch feed

Twitch Feed



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