Critical Failures: Caverns and Creatures by Robert Bevan, Book 1 a book review

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM.  Well I made my self a deal.  let me explain that real fast before I start talking about this book.  The fourth book in this series came out on the 7th March 2017.  I am ready to dig into it.  But well I been wanting to write a review about this series since Malice-Corp was founded but kept going with more current events.  Now with the fourth books release it is current but the book is calling to me.  So the deal is I can’t start the fourth book till I tell you all about the first three and the three short story anthologies.  Mr Bevan and the Critical Failures series deserves to be covered on!  Who am I kidding he deserves to be covered by a much bigger and better news outlet…

Critical Failures: Caverns and Creatures

You ever played a table top RPG, yeah I know you have.  If you are on this site I know you have.  Well all of us Table-top Gamers have always dreamed of living in one of the fantasy worlds of our imaginations.  We all have fantasies about being a mighty knight, powerful magus, or a skillful rogue.  Well Robert Bevan has just ruined all those dreams for you.

Critical Failures have given us an idea of what it would be really like if we modern day mundane humans woke up and found ourselves in the bodies of our imaginations creations.  I may have said he has ruined it for you but in a way that is hilarious.  I have rarely found my self laughing completely out loud from a book or audiobook, till now.  This book made me think back to old game sessions with @mest5150, @bmconstant and @a-a-ron and just think OMFG that is so what they would have done.  Before you ask, yes the four of us used to play all kinds of table top RPGs together before ‘adulting’ and well duty ripped our group apart sending some of us to far away lands.

We are still friends after almost 10 years of living in strange locals in real life.  Can’t keep a group of friends down and that is what Critical Failures shows us.


Conclusions and Score:

I want to be clear though this is no work of fine literature; but this book is a master piece of fart and turd jokes, with a heavy sprinkling of nut shots mixed in.  In a classy way.

If you have read any of my other book reviews you know I hate spoilers so I won’t toss any in here but other then what do you get when you stuff a bit of a jerk pizza delivery guy into a huge half-orc barbarian with a charisma of 4.  None stop comedy that’s what!

I so what to give this book 5 out 5 but I can’t cause nothing is ever perfect but I sure as hell can give it a 4.9 out 5.  Even more impressive is the fact that Mr. Bevan published the books himself.  If you ever played a table-top RPG do yourself a favor grab up this book, read it or listen to it from audible and come back and tell me you didn’t see you friends in the story or that you didn’t laugh your silly.

One last note; Mr. Bevan if you are out there and willing to do interviews for a small site like this!  You would be the ‘ONE’ guy I would want to interview for Malice-Corp.  I just have to know if you have ever meet my friends cause some how yo broke their personalities up over your characters!

How to get your hands on the book!

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