“Critical Failures 4”: The Phantom Pinas by Robert Bevan – A book review


Well here we are again with another book review. If you have read any of my others you know I am a huge fan of Robert Bevan’s work so this one may surprise you a little bit.

My Thoughts on Critical Failures 4 by Robert Bevan

Well got to give credit where credit is due. Robert has provided us with another little romp in the worlds of Creatures and Caverns. Yet not such a satisfying one. There is still all the great raunchy humor with the fart and thinly veiled penis jokes, but…

Really some of the character development and lack of fortitude by some of the characters seemed well… flat. Friends that close after so many trials really would have closer bonds. I was completely left shocked with some of Tim’s character development. The complete lack of empathy I felt for him as he slid down a path of self destruction bothered me. Where was the medieval fantasy intervention by his so called friends? Then the cold blooded act at the end of the book felt so out of character for Tim I just don’t have much else to say.

Still a fun read and the other characters were hilarious to read and easy to just cheer for. Poor Tim.

I just was wanting more! But I will tell you that Pillsbury Dough Jesus had me in stitches laughing for hours.

Critical Failures 4 by Robert Bevan ON THE MALICE CORP SCORE

2 Stars out of 5. I love Robert Bevan’s work and have enjoyed all the previous books and short story anthologies. I have to say this one left me a little colder then I would have liked. Tim is completely out of control and his friends lack of intervention and the ending just left me scratching my head! Maybe it is just a grand setup for book 5, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was left wanting more. Still a good read and well written I am just waiting to see.

Spoilers and conversation

I really want to know your thoughts on “Critical Failures 4” by Robert Bevan. Please comment below and tell me what you think, but if you are going to drop a spoiler please let it be known in your comment before you continue. I absolutely hate spoilers!


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