Critical Failures 2: Fail Harder: Caverns and Creatures Book 2 by Robert Bevan

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM.  Hey guys so this is killing me.  I have 2 great books I want to get to.  The fourth in this series and ‘American Gods’.  If you read my previous articles you know that I will not start book 4 in this Critical Failures series until I do Mr. Bevan his due and give you some feed back on the first 3 and the 3 short story anthologies.  At the same time I am cheating as I am listening to ‘American Gods’ at the moment and it has me riveted, more on that when I am done with it. So lets get on to talking about Critical Failures 2.

Critical Failures 2: Fail Harder: Caverns and Creatures Book 2

Well this book picks up right where the first left off and with out giving a bunch of spoilers our gang of never Hero(s) now being stuck in the Fantasy world of Creatures and Caverns do the only logical thing.  They go and find a Tavern to get shit faced!

That is all I will tell you about the plot cause I really want you to experience it for yourselves.  Mr Bevan does it again though these entire book.  Smashing me in the face with low brow nerd humor that makes me laugh till I cry and remind me of the old days gaming with my old bunch of Nerd Pals.  It does have a few slower spots in it the first book, but the action parts pick up good and strong and will make you laugh till your sides split or at least till you drop your BCGs.

CONCLUSIONS AND SCORE for Critical Failures 2: Fail Harder:

I try to my best to not give anything away in any of these reviews, but come on a Bard who is using eye of the tiger on his lute as his Baldric Buff.  If that doesn’t crack you up then you are not a real Table-Top gaming Nerd. The narrator on this book Jonathan Sleep does everything but put you to sleep, very bad pun intended.  His performance once again is spot on for this book.  I hunted for errors in character tone and cadence and good find a one.  One of my pet peeves in audio books is when a Narrator slips and uses and accent and cadence he has established as one character with the dialog of another character.  I just hate it.

Score on this guys; I can’t give it the high score I gave the first but it is defiantly a solid 4 out 5 Stars. Pick up Critical Failures 2: Fail Harder give it a go and comment your opinions below.  Tell me what you think.


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