Update – Crayola Retires An Old Friend From the Classic 24…

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP. Hey everyone, sorry to get back to you so late.  It is pretty hectic here at Malice-Corp with @mest5150 in the field at WonderCon 2017.  But, we are keeping up as best we can.  I just wanted to drop you an update on the Crayola Crayon story.  Well, I was almost right in my guesses of a yellow-green.

The Retiree is…


We will be saying goodbye to this iconic crayon color.  I have not seen what color will be replacing it in the classic 24 box. I will keep my eyes and ears open and pass that information along as soon as we hear of it. He is just a little off true yellow but makes a fine tea. Dandelion, you will be missed from the color palette of the future youth. May your retirement be enjoyable and may you be free from chewing toddlers. I hope your replacement is just as bold!


Dandelion Goldenrod

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