Conan Exiles Update 27


I know it has been a while since you have heard from me regarding Conan Exiles. But ,that is because I have been working on producing and video editing all the podcasts, videos, and well all the tech stuff! But, I wanted to bring you the highlights from Conan Exiles Update 27.

Conan Exiles Update 27

Defend yourself against a god –

The Conan Developers have decided to throw in some game balancers here! All of the god avatars damage have been toned back for balance reasons and now you can actually hurt them! So, when that enemy raiding clan attacks with their Avatar you can fight back and maybe win the day before their god rains down destruction on your base!

Conan Exiles Update 27 also added defensive domes to the game.  Allowing you to set up a defense shield for your base. As it is described now, there are 2 shields that go up on larger exterior dome that will damage and repel an Avatar and an inner smaller shield that will defend against projectiles. But, will not stop other players from passing.

New uses for the Glass orbs –

The glass orbs were introduced to the game with the Dye system. These glass orbs that allow you to make dyes to customize your gear have now been given some new usages.

Water Orbs: these can be thrown to put out fires and help slow damage from Fire orbs. These are the easiest orbs to make and can come in handy when facing off against a fire bug or maybe stop your buddy from burning after you gave him some hot foot?

Fire Orbs: these are for all the fire bugs out there that want to spread a little light on a subject. These orbs ignite and spread fire about and are a natural partner to the next orb.

Grease Orbs: These guys shatter and leave an area that is hard to walk through. Every one loves area denial tactics and what is even better, the grease spots can be ignited with a fire orb to give you a nice fire wall to act as a screen.

Gas Orbs: Toss these guys out and poison your foes in a gas cloud to weaken them before you close to combat. Just don’t gas yourself.

Have fun storming the castle!

We also got crenelated walls to help defend your bases and stop the new climbing system that is coming in 2 to 3 weeks. So, start rethinking those defenses because players will be able to scale walls soon. Unless you defend them.

The last thing I want to toss at you is some hot oil treatments. To go along with the crenelated walls is the siege cauldron. You can attach them to the wall and burn hot oils down on those pesky wall crawlers that are coming soon! Conan Exiles Update 27 as you can tell has some really cool new features.

Wrap up!

I have seen Conan Exiles taking a lot of flax for the rapid amount of updates and patches they are tossing out! To those I say BUGGER OFF! Conan Exiles is in early access and every new patch is a chance for a fix, an update, and more things to do! Keep them coming FunCom, keep them coming.

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