Conan Exiles update 23 already here! The Trebuchet

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM.  Following quick on the heels of Update 22 Conan Exiles and Fun.Com have already released update 23. What do we get with Update 23? We get our first siege engine; the Trebuchet!

Update 23

The Trebuchet

This is the first of the announced siege engines to go live. It will allow you to batter and smash enemy bases and installations from beyond the range of their thrall defenses. But don’t think this is just an “I win button”. They have baked in some features that make the Trebuchet require multiple hits and some skill to hit your targets.

The Ammo

Right now there are two forms of ammo available – siege boulders and demon-fire barrage. From earlier announcements there is the possibility of being able to sling the corpse of fallen foes in later updates to indulge in some biological warfare. For now you have to settle for smashing buildings with huge rocks and massive fire bombs that will cause massive AoE fire damage. That was sarcasm if you missed it! FIRE BOMBS!

The Devastation

It will take a few hits even, with direct hits to take down a wall or building. This will give defenders a chance to rush your Trebuchet. Be prepare to defend it, but this in a way gets you what you want. They are outside their defense and you can get at them. I would advise being prepared for the defense and work it into your strategies.

The Trailer


Stay tuned for more Conan Exiles news and discussion as it is release. I can’t wait to get home from my little trip – four weeks! (more sarcasm) – and get to play on my gaming rig. The laptop just doesn’t do it justice. If you want to come play with us here at Malice-Corp, just head over to our contact page and look over our private server rules and shoot us a message via the Malice-Corp Conan Exiles Server access request form. Hit me with your thoughts in the comments below. As always like and share us on Facebook and Twitter and thanks for all your support.(By support don’t forget to maybe do some of your normal Amazon shopping through one of our affiliate links or purchase of the great products we have advertised from our site.)
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