Private Conan Exiles Server access


Malice-Corp is proud to announce the Malice-Corp Conan Exiles private server.  Looking for a place to play Conan Exiles?  Well you can play with Malice-Corp on our server.  Register with the Malice-Corp and then the “Conan Exiles Server access request” to submit your request for access to the ‘Darkening Dawn’ Conan Exiles Server, brought to you by

See the request form for details, requirements, and limitations.  Please allow up to 3 days after you submit your request for us to process your request and get back to you.

Fair warning, this game is Mature and adult in nature. requires all players on the Darkening Dawn server to be 18 years of age.

This is a free service provided by, so please follow the server rules and respect other players.  Nerds don’t troll Nerds! 

Jack Malice; contributor and founder.

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