Conan Exiles Update 11 – New Features Dye your Gear

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM.  Hey guys, finally got a chance to get on Conan Exiles and check out some of the new features of update 11.  So now you can look cool but more importantly you can tell friend from foe on the battle field!

The dye system I was worried would, like many other games and Conan Exiles, be a resource hog and just take forever to get enough resource to make a usable amount of Dye.  Nope.  Was pretty easy peasy….

Dye system

The dye system was surprisingly simple and not very resource demanding.  It does require that you be a little on the established side.  You at the very least are going to require a furnace, a forge, and a cauldron.

Step 1:

You need to go pick up some iron ore and some crystals.  You can find the crystal in most caves and as a rare drop from Rocknoses.  Iron is all around you in various areas of the map.Conan Dye system

Step 2:

Smelt the iron ore to iron bars and the crystal into glass in your furnace.

Step 3:

Place the iron bars into a black smithy and make yourself a Glass Flask Mold.

Step 4:

Place the glass with the glass flask Mold in the furnace and BOOM! you have empty flasks.  Fill the flasks with water just like you would a water skin.  Drag the flasks from your inventory to your action bar and head out to a water source. Just tap the number the flask ocuppy and you will have filled flasks in your inventory.

Step 5:

Go hunt down some pigments ingredients. The Conan Wiki has the following colors that are currently known.





Color Resource ##* Harvest From/Found at
Blue True Indigo 1 Bushes in tree-shaded, grassy areas
Brown Seeds 5 Bushes
Cyan Glowing Goop 1 Glowing Blueish bush (underwater)
Darkening Liquid Tar 3 Crafted: Mix with Dye to create darker colors
Green Plant Fiber 20 Bushes
Grey Grey-Flower Lupine 1 Bushes high on Mountains and Mesas
Lightening Liquid Bones 5 Crafted: Mix with Dye to create lighter colors
Orange Orange Phykos 1 Red Fungus, Pink Seaweed (Underwater)
Purple False Mandrake 1 Green bush within stone ruins
Red Cochineal 1 Cactus
Yellow Brimstone 2 Spider caves, Rocknose corpses

Step 6:

Place your water filled flasks and ingredients in the cauldron to cook.  Remember you need 1 complete dye to color each section of equipment.

Material Costs


Glass Flask molds are not consumed by this process you only need 1 unless you lose it.  This currently requires 15 iron bars.  This can be changed depending on the server and how your admins set stuff up.

2 crystals make 1 glass

3 glass make 1 glass flask


See the table above for ingredient requirements.

How do I dye my gear:

This is even easier.  If you are wearing the piece of gear just open your inventory and click on the item.  The Dye button will appear on menu to the right.  If you are carrying the item just click it and under the more button on the left will be the Dye button.  just click the dye button and that brings up the dye interface.  After that just select a section and a color you have and then hit save.  You can preview the color in the interface before saving but once you hit the save button that vial of dye will be consumed so be careful.

Well that is it guys, let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.  I can make a video tutorial on this if there is a need.  Again just let me know in the comments below.

Jack Malice, Contributor and founder


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