Conan Exiles and Fun.Com make huge new announcements

Greetings to all from Today was a big day for Conan Exile fans!

Creative Director Joel Bylos from Fun.Com released a new video detailing the plans for Conan Exiles over the next year and up to and including when early access will end, the game will go into full launch and when you will be able to Conan_splashget it for XBOX ONE and PS4.  I will cover some of the real high points from the video, but I highly recommend checking out the video for yourself.  If you weren’t fired up for some hot nerd Barbarian blood shed you will be.

Fun.Com plans to invest between 5 and 10 million dollars into Conan Exiles over the early access period.  What does that mean?  Well to me it means that a game that already show great potential with the early access and selling over 4800,000 copies via steam in it’s first 30 days of early release will be a deep, visually stunning, and complex game for 2018.  They have a wealth of lore to draw from for the Conan novels and comics all that was needed to me was the Development team and the commitment from Fun.Com to make the game great!  Well it sounds like we got the commitment part covered.

Full release and XBOX ONE:

  • XBOX ONE release early Q3 2017.
  • Full release XBOX ONE, PS4, and PC Q1, 2018.

Other release and patch schedule:

  • Frequent bug releases and small content releases; approx every 1 to 2 weeks.  They will aiming for Thursdays.
  • Large Game updates as completed, large feature roll outs and content.
  • Major releases, for large tech updates and changes.

After what I would have thought was a mind blowing statement of commitment and released information Joel broke some of the patches down for us.

Conan Exiles’ first major update – Siege warfare update:


  • Siege engines – Joel described these as mobile foundations on wheels you will be able to build custom and pull around the battle field.  Tazeal, could this be you mobile wheel of pain maybe?
  • Trebuchet – A device fore battering down enemy walls and sling corpses into enemy cities.
  • Corpse locker – A place to stash the corpse of your fallen enemies to rot.  These rotten and disease ridden corpse become ammo for your trebuchets.  Fling the corpse into enemy cities for some biological warfare.
  • Avatar Defense – Shield that can protect you against one god.  Which do you choice?

Conan Exiles’ second major update – The Purge

  • NPC armies will gather and sweep through the maps.  You will have to defend against or hide from
  • Special rare NPCs can spawn with the ‘Purge’ these can be captured and broken via the thrall system to serve you and give access to special recipes.

Conan Exiles’ third Major update – Mounts

  • Much like the thrall system but for mounts.Conan Camel Mount
  • They are adding multiple mounts and each will have special features.
    • Camels for additional inventory
    • Horses for mounted combat
    • Elephants as siege mounts.  Lets knock down them walls.

Conan Exiles’ fourth Major Update – Sorcery.  I am excited to see how this plays out.  Joel explained that you will have to hang out in the corruption zones till you fall dark into the corruption, weakening you, lowering your stats but then you will gain access to Sorcery!

  • Summoning rituals – summon demons to fight for you
  • Shape shift –  take the form of demons
  • Make magic items
  • NECROMANCY – Kill your thralls and bring them back as undead skeletons!

Conan Exiles’ fifth major update – Settlement system

  • Custom AI scheduling for your thralls
  • Specific buildings for extra boosts and buffs
  • Road construction for travel speed boosts.

Conan Exiles’ sixth major update –  New Biome (the highlands)

  • Snow mounts and highlands
  • Addition of a temperature.  Better bring a coat.
  • New factions
  • New creatures
  • New Religions and AvatarsConan Highlands

Joel then when on to tell us what we can expect within the next month.  They dyeing system and the first parts of the Siege Warfare Update, the trebuchet.

With Conan Dye systemthe Dyeing system you will collect materials to make custom dyes to further customize your character’s gear.

The last big announcement was the announcement of the Dungeons.  These Dungeons will be semi-scripted areas where you exiles can find rare resources and items, solve puzzles, and interact with environments.

This is an amazing amount of information for them to share with us!

Jack Malice; contributor and founder.

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