How to be Prepared to get San Diego Comic-Con Tickets.

This weekend on March 11th, 2017 at 9:00 AM tickets for San Diego Comic-Con finally went on sale. Over the last few months anxiety for those looking forward to attempt to buy tickets for this years convention had come to a head. As each year goes by, CCI (Comic-Con International) looks into making improvements on how they sell their tickets.

A Short History of Comic-con Sales.

In the past you had to buy your tickets while at the convention for the next years event. Being that this was a dated way to sell tickets, they took the step to selling tickets online.  On top of all the people that weren’t eligible for tickets going to the website to buy tickets, because their eligible friends shared the site with them. The folks selling the tickets weren’t prepared for the mass amount of geeks and nerds that were ready to buy online. Resulting in the first sale of tickets online crashing the site. The funniest thing about this was that the company doing the sale was called Epic Registration, creating the joke that the ticket sales were an epic fail.

The next year saw an improvement. Tickets went on sale and the site didn’t crash, at least not for everyone. They asked people not to share the site with others in the email as they would be unable to buy tickets if they weren’t already eligible.

They also randomized your spot in the queue order so that it didn’t matter if you got into the online waiting room at 6 am or 10 minutes prior to sale starting. The first year they did this I got in the waiting room 10 minutes prior and was buying tickets 2 minutes after they went on sale.

The next step they took was to incorporate ID numbers on your badge from the previous year in order to buy your tickets for next years pre-registration sale.  They were able to understand that not everyone would keep their badges and automatically put the numbers in for you. The year following they didn’t use the numbers so it was pretty much a pointless endeavor.

Last year’s sale seemed extremely smooth. Everything that I was dealing with worked. We got our tickets. We didn’t have any trouble getting in and out. Best part about it, the badges were mailed to us. This meant we didn’t have to get in a long line on Preview Night to go pick up our badges before getting into a longer line to wait for Preview Night doors to open.

Ticket sales for 2017.

2016 the year hated by geek culture. It all started with a gorilla named Harambe… and then went down hill from there. It seemed every time you turned around a great celebrity was dying. To top this off the anxiety of getting comic-con tickets for next year started rearing it’s little head. Every year around October those that attended the year’s prior event started watching their e-mail inbox for the e-mail from CCI for next years pre-registration sale date. This time at the beginning of October we got an e-mail stating that the pre-registration sale wouldn’t be happening in 2016, but sometime in early 2017. Not when, just….some…time… January rolled around and no news. Then February came and we started getting antsy. Finally on March 1 we got the news that Pre-Registration would be going on sale March 11th.

Hallelujah! Now we just need to get in the waiting room and keep our fingers crossed. SDCC sent out an email to all eligible purchaser’s with a link and a registration code to get into the room. I entered the room once again around 10 minutes before the sale started.

I was in the waiting room watching the blue circle spin. Keeping myself at ease that I was connected. About 16 minutes into the sale I was purchasing tickets. Things went seamlessly. Myself and all of what we call our nerd fam were able to get their tickets.

Being prepared for open registration.

The next step for San Diego Comic-Con is the general ticket sale. This is the sale for everyone that did not attend comic-con last year or were unlucky enough to not get tickets in this years pre-registration sale.

What are some steps you can take to be prepared?:

  • Have a Member ID
    • If you’ve ever wanted to attend SDCC you can not purchase tickets without a Member ID. Go to the comic-con website here and create a member ID. Don’t wait to long because they close the site to create new ID’s prior to the sale and then your out of luck until next year.
  • Know the sale date
    • At this time all we know is that tickets are going on sale sometime in April. Once you get your ID start watching your email like a hawk for anything from Comic-Con International. They should be sending out email’s announcing sale date.
  • Team-Up and Have a Game-Plan.
    • It’s much easier to get tickets if you have a group of people trying as opposed to one person. When you buy tickets you are eligible buy a total of 3 tickets for eligible member ID’s. Get with your friends that want to go and are able to purchase. Have everyone log in and stay in contact to find out who gets in first to help each other.
  • Follow instructions
    • Comic-Con International will send you an email with all the needed info to participate in sale. They will give you links to test if the item you are going to use i.e. cpu, tablet, etc… and make sure that the device works with the site.
    • There are notes everywhere, including in the purchasing site, to not run the site on multiple browsers or refresh the site.
    • do not try to log in to multiple different device with the same registration info this will result in get you kicked to back of the queue.
    • If you follow the instructions everything should go smooth.
  • Have your form of payment and payment info ready
    • Once you get in to purchase tickets you have a time limit to get everything done have all your payment info ready so your not scrounging for it at the last second.

I hope this info helps in your future endeavor of purchasing comic-con tickets. As they say in the Hunger Games “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Stay tuned as more info for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con comes. We will be doing our due diligence to get it to you.




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  • Jack Malice
    March 12, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    I am looking forward to your coverage of Comic-Con for Malice-Corp. Will be nice to have a man inside!


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