Celebrating 30 Years of The Brave Little Toaster

Celebrating 30 Years of The Brave Little Toaster

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So who is ready to feel old? I know I am. It is crazy to see movies I watched and adored as a child hitting the 30 years old mark. But as they are, let’s kick back and reminisce over the magic that happened 30 years ago. The Brave Little Toaster is still enjoyable to this day.

This movie is highly underrated in the world of animated films. It was weird, a little scary, funny, charming and emotional in 1 big animated bundle. It was a movie that laid the groundwork for future animations giants like Pixar to do wonderful things. John Lassester, the director of Toy Story and A Bug’s Life actually worked with the animation department on The Brave Little Toaster. Although Hyperion Animation produced the film, it ended up falling in Disney’s hands after struggles to find a distributor.

It was ironic when you look back and see how Lassester’s relationship with Disney soured because of his attempt to push computer animation. Pushing like he did resulted in his termination from the company. However, this led him eventually to work at Pixar, which granted him freedom to do pretty much whatever he wanted. It is hard not to compare The Brave Little Toaster with Disney/Pixars first film Toy Story.

The Movie: 

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So this was a movie that was adapted from the novel The Brave Little Toaster: A Bedtime Story for Small Appliances by Thomas M. Disch. We follow along the adventure of a ragtag group of appliances abandoned by their master at a summer cabin. The adventure begins when Toaster convinces the other appliances of the cabin to strike out and try and find their missing master. So Toaster, Lampy, Blanky, Radio and Kirby set off on a crazy and emotional journey to find their master.

 The brilliance of this movie is it is appealing to both adults and children. What makes The Brave Little Toaster stand strong and unique among other animated films was its strong script, voice cast and the writing of the characters. All these unique personalities of these appliances draw you in and make you root and care for all of them. Even the Grumpy old Vacuum. Anything and everything you can possibly think of that can go wrong goes wrong. No matter though the fights and perils these characters face, their faith in their mission never truly wavers. Their faith is eventually rewarded as they are reunited with their master.
This whole movie becomes an allegory for us in life, as we all try to find meaning in our lives. This movie takes on all these huge adult issues

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 like abandonment, loss/death, depression, fear, greed, worthlessness, and even suicide. Takes them and weaves it into a brilliant tale of how to confront these issues head on.
Brilliantly it tackles the issues of how to adapt into a world you don’t fit into anymore, thanks to advanced technology. It teaches kids though that just because you may not be as shiny as something else, that it should never let you hold yourself back from achieving your dreams.

The Scary Parts

Image result for brave little toaster gifsThere were parts in the movie that were honestly a little terrifying to me as a child. I mean that scene in the junkyard, with all the cars being snatched up and crushed? Crushed as they sing a song about being worthless? All while the main cast is being pursued by a mad magnet intent on putting them on the conveyor belt to be crushed? Terrifying.
Talk about metaphors for life in just that one scene, all represented by the cars. There are those who can’t handle the pressure, and the depressed who can’t get motivated and life speeds by. Drifters who never settle or make any connections. The Has-Beens who were once the cream of the crop but then tossed aside. Those who suffer from mental illness unable to cope. In the end all of them whose age has made them worthless. Scary stuff to stick on a kid. But in the end, despite all this the prevailing theme of no matter who you are someone out there cares and loves you stands strong.

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And then there was the scene that I fully belief instilled in me my fear of clowns. When Toaster has the nightmare with the fire and that freaky ass clown that pops up. The way he pursues toaster and short circuits him turned me off clowns forever. Stephen King just re-solidified what I already knew that clowns are the epitome of all evil.

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating 30 Years of The Brave Little Toaster

  • July 14, 2017 at 10:43 am

    “Worthless! Once took a Texan to wedding. Once took a Texan to wedding…!”

    • July 14, 2017 at 10:53 am

      For such a fast paced song when you’re a kid it zolms over your head how depressing it really is. You’re just more focused on watching them not get crushed.

      • July 14, 2017 at 11:03 am

        Ho jes. That scene gave me goosebumps back when I was eight (or nine? We rented it…), and honestly, so did the machines in the “Technology” song. Not because of their scene, but you talk about clowns, THOSE things’ fixed grins and stares… whoof.

        My favorite scene, though, was “Radio tubes”.

        • July 14, 2017 at 11:13 am

          The technology song was that the one with the new technology singing or the one in the repair shop where they were singing about being in a B movie? That one was creepy.

          Radio tubes was the best. Radio was the best character.


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