Buffy ‘Ship-Off: Favorite Vampire Couple

Buffy The Vampire Slayer ‘Ship-Off:

Hello All You Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados

Which is your favorite vampire ‘ship?

So Gia and I decided to visit another one of our favorite shows for our ‘ship war. With the release of Wonder Woman, we decided to visit another female badass we love and adore. Unlike our last one for Doctor Who, Buffy is a show that revolves around it’s romantic plots. There are so many characters and relationships to choose from it was hard to narrow it down to two. I know amongst the fandom there is much debate over Spike/Buffy and Angel/Buffy, so we decided to mix it up for you a little bit. We want to cover the romances of the vampires lives before Buffy came into the picture. So Gia and I present to you our second ship off: Darla/Angelus vs. Spike/Drusilla. We will present our cases below and leave it up to you, the readers to decide what you like better.

Angelus/Darla (SuperwhovianFreak)


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The Past:

They were the Bonnie and Clyde of the Vampire World. Angelus and Darla may have been a couple of soulless monsters, but they were also kind of amazing together. Again, not a healthy relationship but one of the most interesting in the series. When Darla sired Angelus in that alley, No one could have foreseen the monster she was unleashing.

Angelus as a human wasn’t much to boast about – player, drunk and lazy. As a vampire he was cruel, sadistic and got off on mentally breaking down his opponents. He was the perfect partner for her in every way and his viciousness was more than a match for her own. All the flashbacks of them was the two of them working in sadistic harmony all over the world. Watching the them torture and play with their victims together was both horrible and mesmerizing to watch.

Their romance was ended after Angel was unable to keep up with Darla’s killer tendencies after he regained his soul. They reunited in Sunnydale where Darla again tried to sway Angel back to her side. By this point though he was invested in Buffy and he killed her.

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The Present, aka The Second Chance:

When Darla was given a second chance at life, Angel did everything he could to help her. This was an awesome opportunity to explore their connection in a new way. The two actors had amazing chemistry with each other. Once a newly human Darla came back to interact with a re-souled Angel, things got very interesting. Watching Angel fighting to redeem Darla, Darla trying her best to turn him evil they made it work so well. Ending it with Darla ultimately staking herself to save the life of their unborn child was heartbreaking in the end. It truly was  “The one good thing we’ve ever done together.”



Spike/Drusilla (GiaTomcat)

Drusilla and Spike were introduced in the second season of “Buffy” as the Big Bad. Their first episode was “School Hard”. Spike’s mission was to kill the Slayer, and take the blood of Angel to cure Drusilla. Drusilla is cured, Angel reverts to Angelus, and Drusilla kills the new slayer Kendra by slitting her throat with a fingernail. Angelus joins Dru and Spike and they plot the end of the world.

Dru and Spike’s look was akin to heroin chic and their backstory was linked to Angel in intimate ways. Their stories unfold in several flashbacks and not shown in chronological order making it seem like a crazy matchup.

After seeing her on the streets of London, Darla presented Dru to Angelus. Recognizing her potential prophetic talents, Angelus became obsessed and tortured her before turning her into a vampire. Dru in turn turned William the poet into Spike the vampire.

Their commitment to each other is a hallmark of their relationship, or rather Spike’s commitment to Dru and she to his violence. Once back in Sunnydale Dru is once again in a sexual relationship with Angel, which pissed off Spike who sided with Buffy to save the world and get rid of Angelus. It worked, and Spike took Dru to Brazil. Once there, Dru used to her powers to discover that Spike was “tainted” by Buffy and left him for a fungus demon.

Spike and Dru were a tragic couple that was bound by Spike’s desire to save Dru from herself and I am sure a perverse kind of love that they shared. Dru in turn was dependent on Spike until she was cured. She depended more on Angelus than Spike and that’s when the relationship started to crumble. Spike wanted her back and only for himself.


Time to Vote:

Now it’s time for all you lovely readers out there to vote between the two for your favorite. Drop some comments, let us know what you think, or let us know if you have some of your own favorite ‘ships you would like to see duke it out. Until next time, stay nerdy out there. Drop by and shout out to us on twitter as well, we love to hear feedback.

-SuperwhovianFreak And GiaTomcat Out



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