Malice-Corp Welcomes New Contributor

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

Our little band of merry nerds is growing. In order to keep up with everything you have enjoyed so far and great article content. We have reached out to bring more people on board. Well we got a new contributor that is going to keep you thoroughly entertained.


Everyone welcome BigPapaMatt to the Malice-Corp Family. BPM has been a nerd and geek culture fan since the doctor smacked his butt in the delivery room. He lives and breathes geek.  Do you like hearing about all the great conventions well BPM will have you covered. He is my partner in crime at San Diego Comic-Con every year. He attends Blizz Con every year and will even be at E3 this year.

BPM has consistently strived to bring great content in the nerd world even prior to joining. As one of the host of the Step Your Geek Up podcast. He even almost made it into the Weinstein Film Program.

The guy bleeds geek, if you cracked him open like a piñata. Comic Books, Movies, Video Games, and Beer would fall out. I mean this guy has so much love for the geek world that he even liked Ghostbusters 3, that’s saying a lot. If you ever want to talk Nintendo, Kevin Smith, or Robert Kirkman he’s your man.

So check out his Malice-Corp author page, BigPapaMatt, to look at some of the articles he has already brought us. He will be telling us his adventures in Quest for 100. His quest to watch 100 movies in the movie theater in one year. Among other things, he’s already given us the great article about speculation into The Last Jedi teaser. Stay tuned for his review of the premier of last night’s, 4/16/2017, Leftovers episode.

If you have any questions for BigPapaMatt you can post in the comments below. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to check out our other great contributors, vote on this weeks nerd fight, and watch our video content on YouTube.





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