The Best Music You’re Not Listening To II: Linkin Park, Laughs, and Lads

The Linkin Park You Didn’t Know (…unless you’re in the fan club)



By now, many of you have heard of Chester Bennington’s tragic death.   I’m writing this on July 20, 2017, his death only having been reported hours before.  His family, his friends, his fans are all rocked by this, and I feel like repeating anything I want to say about him and Linkin Park on July 21st’s episode of our podcast would be tacky on many levels.  So I won’t get into much detail other than the two things I do want to repeat here and tomorrow:  Never forget the incredible battle Chester waged, and that the band and his family helped him wage it.

No matter how that battle ended, you can look at his music, and him being a husband and father to see he fought like a man possessed. For example, the above: Linkin Park is so well known for rocking hard, but many do not know just how damn silly they loved to be, even Chester, so happy when he made others smile, even until the end.


Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer


Our parent country has brought the world their fair share of rockers who’ve touched the world as well, but what we’ll probably remember England best for musically will forever be their tunes’ style and class: The Beatles, Queen, The Phantom of the Opera, Raleigh Ritchie…  Why, they’ve even classed up rapping with their own genre “Chap Hop”, a fine genre compromised of (at last count) two gentlemen, and by far, Mr. B is the one of the two with the banjolele and the best mustache.  Yes.




Of course, as one or two Supernatural fans know, even the vile and despicable can be done with musical style, especially when coming from the Isles.  Crowley being the most notorious villainous example when we speak of such, having started his pre-demonic life as a Scotsman who made a very specific deal with the devil.

As a newbie to the Supernatural scene m’self, I have yet to truly learn of Crowley’s crimes, but I have a theory that Mike Cross’ music is the (secret?) true inspiration for “The Scotsman” of devilish deed doings.


Jonathan Young


This is not to say that we in the states don’t have a lot of style.  Class?  If I remember correctly, even Charles Dickens called us a “loud and brash” nation when he did a book tour here.  So classy maybe, maybe not, but by God, have our musicians especially embraced “loud and brash” so heartily that it has become stylish.

Just look at the roaring twenties, the advent of jazz in the thirties, the rise of swing and big bands in the forties and fifties, the angry poetry of the sixties, the funkadelic sounds of the seventies, the boom time of rock in the eighties, and from the nineties through today where we have nothing so much as raw talent and passion blasting out at us from our computer and phone speakers.  Far from just Linkin Park; take Jonathan Young’s music. He plays a mean guitar, keyboard, and drums. He sports a voice that could knock down brick walls, and uses it all to gleefully cover video game, anime, and Disney cartoon songs.  Check him out.


Dr. Steel


What do you get in a country lousy with freedom? Music that takes its freedom to the Nth degree.  The sublime insanity of so many big names like Marilyn Manson, GWAR, and the Muppets, can overshadow even men like the future world emperor, Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel.  He is the only one who is willing to do what needs to be done. He’ll take over the world himself to legally enforce worldwide playtime, thus thwarting our alien overlords’ plot to keep us anxious and scared.  No, I’ve never heard anything different from the man himself. Regardless of pesky things like “sanity”, though, he and his band can bring the house down.

Don’t fear the flying saucers and toys invading- they’re here to help.


You make me feel invincible/Earthquake powerful/Just like a tidal wave/You make me brave

-Skillet, “Feel Invincible”

God bless and keep our musicians.  We need you guys.





Igor, Possibly a Box

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