The Best Comic Books You Aren’t Reading

Here in 2017, we’re in another big year for the Marvel Comic Universe. Also, the DC Universe is rolling out two movies people are (finally) optimistic about – Justice League and Wonder Woman. Marvel and Netflix just released their latest combo series, Iron Fist, and it has been scant months since DC rolled back the New 52. As y’all have noticed, we here at Malice-Corp are no strangers to comic book hype, either, but Igor recognizes that this’ll be a hard year to remember anything that isn’t from “the big two,” so he’s here to help!


Remember when comic books used to be fun? I know we old fogeys and you Flash fans do. So do Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr, evidently. Time traveling chefs, mysterious inheritances, dinosaurs, guns, and the most bad-ass grandma you could ever hope to meet abound in the series (series of miniseries, really, but I’m not complaining!) from Action Lab Comics that does naught but embrace the laughs, the melodrama, and action (even including a new dinosaur recipe for you to try at home at the end of every issue!)

Seven to Eternity

Remember when Marvel Comics was “The House of Ideas”? I do. Remember when Image Comics was the house “no-other-ideas-than-giant-shoulderpads-grim-expressions-too-many-muscles-“heroes”-who-kill-and-Spawn-and-The Maxx”? I do. How times have changed…

One of Image’s latest releases is Seven to Eternity, by Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña, a fantasy epic where we have a land and a people who are mortal, but whose barrier between life and the afterlife has always been… much thinner than ours. This is a place that would have easily been a wondrous place of philosophy, art, and theology, but we meet them after the King of Whispers began his reign, and beauty and hope are dying. Our story begins with the last desperate attempt to save everyone and everything from a slow, miserable death. It reads like the end of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, but all of this is the first five issues. Exciting, huge, and glorious, and I’m actually getting a chance to tell Remender this on Saturday, April 8th at a signing, and I am stoked.


The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Here’s where I begin the cheating – this one was a web comic first, but counting creator Christopher Hastings’ site format and the series’ subsequent publishing by Dark Horse Comics, it still qualifies, dang it. The lover of Deadpool and creator of The Unbelievable Gwenpool series first original work is all you expect, and more. The jokes abound, but at the same time, the plot lines are positively Machiavellian in their intricacy and planning. You can purchase the graphic novels, you can even still read the comic in entirety at the original website, and I have a challenge for you when you do: Try to find a single mystery in the comic’s entire run that isn’t explained in full… when you least expect it. I dare ya.


Shadows on the Grave

For all y’all horror fans out there, Richard Corben is for you. This anthology book he and Dark Horse Comics just began last December is a monthly black and white collection in the grand old tradition of ‘Creepy’ or ‘Tales from the Crypt’. Each issue contains four stories and, much like its 1940s and 1950s progenitors, some continuing story from issue to issue, as well as characters that host each issue who also “tell” the reader the stories.

As a longtime fan of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits the short stories with morals to them and the stories that are pure macabre nonsense both appeal to me in similar ways to the yarns the good Rod Serling brought us way back when. The series is slated for eight issues, and my favorite part so far is the multi-part story of Denaelus, a story of a mighty warrior in ancient Greece that (thanks to a modern horror master) is finally as gruesome and intimidating as the myths of old were.


Nummy num nums.


I Hope You Enjoy Yourself

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