The Best Books You’re Not Reading

Hollywood is bringing us The Snowman, and Murder on the Orient Express, our own Cricket and GiaTomcat brought us reviews of The Invention of Hugo Cabret and IT, respectively…

Clearly, all the cool kids are thinking books right now.  Seeing as it is a basic tenet of geekdom to be all about bandwagons, let’s hop aboard!


The Planets

By Dava Sobel

As a psychologist, Ms. Sobel brings a very different take to all of her scientific writings, most notably her books on longitude (and clockmaking) itself, as well as Galileo Galilei’s daughter, and our solar system.

The Planets tells us the tale of the wonder that brought battle and discovery in the search for the planets, the real music of the spheres, Christopher Columbus, and so much more. Love learning like Disney wishes it could ever give. Picture ice as planets and mountains as embers, and know that they are out there.


Ella Minnow Pea

By Mark Dunn

A playwright brings us this tragically mad beauty; the story of the tiny island nation off the coast of South Carolina who treats the written word with the reverence it has never gotten. The plot thickens as powerfully realized characters watch in horror (or crazed joy) as their government slowly outlaws using every letter of the alphabet, swearing that this serves a greater purpose for everyone.

The letters drop from the chapters as they are outlawed.


The library of Alexandria. If you've made it this far, I know I can trust you to look it up. Enjoy y'self.


Star Wars: Death Troopers
By Joe Schreiber

Everyone knows half of this title, but many will not know the rest. This is the single most ghoulishly entertaining thing to ever have the Walt Disney logo slapped on it – sorry, Pumpkin King. In being equal parts Star Wars, Doom, and Mad Max, it’s dark adventure with a great twist that comes in the rising action – not the climax.

Not for the kids. Please, have a bite.


You and the Pirates

By Jocelyne Allen

A telling in first and second person of a very interesting time in your life. You, cats, and pirates without a boat battle for your lives and try to find the direction of “up”.

A wild ride of a yarn penned, rather appropriately, by a professional interpreter.



By G.K. Chesterton

When it was once asked, “what is wrong with Catholicism today?” the author replied only “I am.”

Join the life of Innocent Smith as he threatens no violence, wanders without getting lost, burgles without theft, is maligned, then finally brought to trial for it.

Features a dismal Irish poet, hopeless people, and unabashed dancing.  Plus a lot of wind.



Igor, Possibly a Box




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