Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Mrs. Malice’s thoughts

I do love my fair share of Disney movies.

As kids, we grew up watching these movies. But, I have a top 5 list of movies that I do love. Number one would be The Lion King, but my number two, and my only favorite Disney Princess is Belle, is Beauty and the Beast. This movie holds a place in my heart because it makes me think of my grandma and my mom. They always told me, “beauty is not on the outside, but deep within.” As we learn in Beauty and the Beast to never judge a book by it’s cover and that true beauty is always at the heart, and talking dishes are pretty cool too.

Disney Remaking History

Now, I have seen the remakes of both Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon. Disney hit a home run with Jungle Book, which had Bill Murray in it as the voice of Baloo and Christopher Walken as King Louie . I wasn’t too happy with Pete’s Dragon. However, I will say they did hit a second home run with Beauty and the Beast. The movie was a wonderful take back to the cartoon that was done in 1991. From the songs (plus two new songs), to the actors that played the parts so well.

To think Emma Watson, the girl who we all know as Hermione from the Harry Potter films, would grow up to play Belle in this movie. Though, in both movies she does play a book worm. Some of the other actor to be looking out for in this movie are Luke Evans (Gaston), and for you X-men fans out there, Ian McKellen (voice of Cogsworth). Who both had rolls in the Hobbit movies.

Tale as old as time

Both my daughter and I did love this movie. I do look forward to all the other movies they are planning to come out with. I would say please take your little princess or prince to see this breathtaking movie. It is worth the trip to see all the lovely actors and singing dishes. But be sure to bring something to dry your eyes, not to spoil anything for you reader’s but we do learn more about the Beast and Belle’s past and yes it is done in song like the true ways of Disney. I for sure will be adding this movie to my shelf when it comes out on DVD just so I can have a tale as old as time.

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