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MasonicVader here (Ken in the real world) for my first post. But before I do so, I just wanted to thank Malice-Corp for allowing me in on this. Apparently, I could crack some good jokes from time to time on chat, hence I am now typing an article. Who knows, you might get to put a face to me, except the one that has my rocking at 91X fest, but I digress. I am very excited to bring my movie, game, and childish brain to the group. Superman is the greatest (and the OG), Star Wars redefined a generation, and Back to the Future is one of the greatest Trilogies of all time (also the first one to implement filming multiple movies at the same time). But anyways, enough about me, let get onto the task at hand……


So, as one of the original home gamers (I owned an Artari, Commadore 64/128,battlefront_original OG Nintendo w/Robbie the Robot…..) and also being a big fan of Star Wars I was very excited of the comeback of Battlefront. The original game came out in 2004 and was a beloved hit. It was a release from Lucas Arts and Bio Ware. The game combined story mode, galactic conquest, and 3rd person shooter missions. It came out right after Episode 2 was released and was heavily influenced by the Clone Wars. An awesome feature about it is that it used cast voices and cut scenes from the movies. It was well received and enjoyed by many. It had a follow up game and 2 subsequent additional games, but could not live up to the success of  Knights of the Old Republic and it’s successor.

Battlefront Returns

battlefrontFast forward to November 2015; EA DICE reboots Battlefront. With game technology being far more advanced, and first-person shooters moving from PC to gaming systems, it was time to see Star Wars come back to video games. It also helped, that in December, Episode 7 “The Force Awakens” was coming into theaters. The game has everything; beautiful graphics, an awesome soundtrack, and exceptional game play.

You would think everything was great (to me I love the game), but to many people, it was a letdown. When the game first came out, it had a limited amount of worlds and no single player game. Game play was free online, but as the year went on, EA started releasing new worlds, and forced players to pay extra for them. This left a very bad taste in the mouths of Star Wars Universe (SWU) that played the game. Two years later, here comes the latest version and my no spoiler review of…….


It is a time of darkness, as unpleasant SWU gamers are in search of a game that brings them into the Star Wars Universe. To pay homage to not only the original trilogy, but brings light to the Prequels, and, gives them the feeling that saved the Wookies on Kashyyyk without paying hundreds of dollars to do so! So, how did EA DICE do? Let’s break it down.

Story ModeBattlefront_2_story

Let us look at the single player game. As advertised, it is following the missions of the Inferno Squad. For those who read the books of the Extended Universe you will recognize the name and what they are capable. For those of you who are not, think of them like the Seals are to the Navy, Inferno Squad is a special forces group of the Empire. A four-person team, Commanded by Admiral Garrick Versio and led by his daughter Commander Iden Versio, Inferno Squad are sent into missions that seemingly seem impossible to win. With Agents Gideon Hask, Seyn Marana, and Del Meeko, they help bring the fear to the Rebels.

As in the commercials of the game, the story starts at the Battle of Endor, at the point that the second Death Star is destroyed. It takes a look at the SWU from the point of view of the Empire and to the creation of Operation Cinder. With that being said, I said there are no spoilers here, and I am going to stand by that. I will tell you that the story does connect the Original Trilogy with Force Awakens. It brings in many beloved characters from the Original Trilogy and from Force Awakens.

I really enjoyed the single player story and how it fills in sometime between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens. The nostalgia factor alone is worth it. However, as being an avid player of the game, I was able to complete it within a day. What is nice though, is that when you do complete it, you are able to go back and play a specific mission, or restart it all over again.


Now onto the Multiplayer online game play. What is different from the its predecessor? Battlefront had ten different versions of game modes to play. Those game modes were played on about four different worlds. Battlefront 2 gives us 11 worlds to play on, including fan favorites Yavin 4, the 2nd Death Star, and Starkiller Base. With almost 3 times more worlds, there are many more maps to play on. As I have yet to play all the maps, I can tell you that the ones I have played are incredible. They seem so much larger and more detailed than the original. But, as the game is in its beginning stages, there is some glitches I have noticed, practically when you are flying above a land based game.

However, unlike Battlefront, there are only 6 different game modes, versus the 12 (8 if you did not purchase the expansion packs). When it came to characters, in Battlefront you were able to change the appearance of them; from their sex, race, species, and different armors. So far in Battlefront 2, you are given preset characters, based on the type of skill set. The skill sets are; assault, heavy, officer, and specialist. You also could choose whatever weapon you wanted to play and actually choose from a pleather a of (24 altogether). In Battlefront 2, you can only choose between 4 different weapons (once all are unlocked) per skill set.

Upgrades and Pay to Play

You are able to upgrade/modify them by using crafting parts you earn through the Loot Crate system. Which is, at this very moment typing this, being adjusted at this moment. The Loot Crate system is the new system that allows players to earn Star Cards. Star Cards represented different power ups and secondary weapons you used while in game play. In the previous game, you can earn them as rewards when you hit certain milestones/challenges. You would eventually upgrade them with credits you earned in game play.

The Loot Crate system gives you random cards, that you can equip, and improve when you make certain levels in your player. But, when Battlefront 2 came out, you could either earn the crates the hard way, by playing through. Or, if you wanted to pay $40, you could get them all. In Beta testing, players were weary of this system, as it seemed a pay to get crates and dominate the competition. Within hours of me finishing this, EA posted a statement that they would get rid of the option to pay for the crates for now, until they could find a better solution.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I commend EA DICE for the current installment of Battlefront. The idea of not bogging down the game with making sure your scar is in the right place on your face, or that I want to use an E-11 Blaster Rifle, versus a EE-3, in leu of much better graphics and more worlds is great. The game play has been pretty good, some rubber banding during game play, but all in all very smooth. But most importantly, they listened to the fans.

There is no need to buy a season pass, as all future upgrades or add-ons are free. The only differences between the Deluxe Edition and the Standard, are the additional skins for Rey and Kylo. There are some additional weapons you get, like Yoda’s Lightsaber, but everyone gets to earn all the other crates at the same rate. And one more additional coo, you will recognize many of the voices from all over the Star Wars Universe. Actors from the movies like Billy Dee Williams as Lando, Daisy Ridley as Rey, John Boyega as Finn, Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett (he was also Jango in the Prequels), and Sam Witwer who voiced Emperor Palpatine and Darth Maul in every game since Star Wars Forced Unleashed. One added voice, which I found pretty cool, Paul Blackthorne (aka Office Lance from Arrow) as Gideon Hask.

Ultimately just like every other Star Wars product, there are tons of people who love it, and others who hate. I love the game and I hope to see you on. Thanks for reading, I hope this helped and sorry if it was long, I am rookie at this blogging thing.

MasonicVader out!

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