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GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP. Just a quick note to all the Exiles out there!  Your Barbarian Edition T-Shirt will be on its way soon.

Barbarian Edition

Conan Exiles offered a special Barbarian Edition via steam for their early acesss.  One of the benefits was a Conan Exiles T-Shirt.  Well they have begun the process of shipping them out.  There is one extra step to go through though if you have not already done so to receive your shirt!  Head over to th3 steam community page and complete the process to claim your shirt. Just click here to get there.

Malice-Corp Darkening Dawn Conan Exiles Private Server

If you want to come play with us here at Malice-Corp, just head over to our contact page and look over our private server rules and shoot us a message via the Malice-Corp Conan Exiles Server access request form. Hit me with your thoughts in the comments below. As always like and share us on Facebook and Twitter and thanks for all your support.(By support don’t forget to maybe do some of your normal Amazon shopping through one of our affiliate links or purchase of the great products we have advertised from our site.)


Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

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