Could Avengers 4 be the end for a core character

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As Marvel’s Infinity Wars and Avengers 4 creeps ever closer we keep looking for news that can give us any details. Who’s officially in it? How will everything come to be? Are any characters going to die, and if so who?

 Tis’ a good day to die

*Spoilers if you aren’t caught up in all the Marvel Films*

With Avengers: Age of Ultron we got our first pertinent death. The stories were all over the geek news sites. An avenger was going to die, but who? All type of speculation was made.


Run, Run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m …. oh Balls…

Then we got our answer. We were introduced to Quicksilver after seeing a small glimpse of him in the after credits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I for one found Aaron Taylor-Johnson did a great job playing Marvel’s fast moving mutant. Oops I mean enhanced human. *Stupid Fox and having the rights to the word mutant. *

It was all for naught as by the end of the film Quiksilver sacrificed himself and died. But was this an impactful death for the franchise? Not really nobody was that invested in him. On top of this, could you really call him an Avenger when he only fought along side them for all of about 30 min of the film.

It was a vast waste of the character, both in scope and in the investment. When a series of films have been going awhile the assumption is the first death will be an impactful one. Think Spock in Wrath of Khan or even Han at the end of Empire Strikes Back, though he didn’t die we didn’t know what the future held. As well as the fact that Harrison Ford did want Han to die at the point. Established characters that fans have a connection to creates a better impact. Often times this also makes people think that those films are the best in the series. Why? Because they actually felt something, true sadness and loss.

Take notes JJ this is how you do a death scene

This is the scene that gets romantics into Star Wars

Hot take on Avengers 4

Infinity Wars was set to be Marvel Studio’s magnum opus. Everything over the last couple years have been leading to this. A story so big they needed two parts to tell it. Then Marvel changed that. Instead of Infinity Wars part 1 and 2, they changed part two’s title to as of now untitled Avengers 4 project. The explanation for this was that both movies would be very different. I’m calling red herring, these movies will still be attached and the second half of it will have a major impact on the franchise universe.

Nothing says impactful like a big death within the franchise. This is Marvel’s chance to make it count. To show that what happens in the universe can have major consequences. That not all of your heroes are always safe. Many speculate that Vision could die since one of the infinity stones is lodged in his noggin.

While this could be an impactful death it wouldn’t be enough. Unless the plans were to somehow make the Scarlett Witch go off the deep in and make some form of House of M movie for the future. Being that Fox has the rights to the merry mutants that task may be a little hard to do right. No, to really make an impact you need a major core of the team to bite the dust. Someone that has been there from the beginning, a true hero. Captain America will probably die by the end of Avengers 4.

Why Captain America?

Let me clarify, the mantle of Captain America won’t die. Just the character Steve Rogers. Chris Evans confirmed in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her show Ellen that his contract was coming to an end.

When asked by Ellen “Is this possibly the last time that you’re Captain America?”

Chris Responded “It, it, is my contract is up. I have Avengers 3 and 4. We do Avengers 3 now, 4 is in the latter part of the year. Then after that , that is, that is the end of my contract”

Based on this response it was almost painfully clear to see that Steve is going to die. Actors are great at their jobs but they are human and when you are talking about something that has been near and dear to you it’s hard to keep a poker face. The repeated words are a sign of how the human brain is trying to figure out how to say the right thing.


When the cast of the Walking Dead was doing interviews and not allowed to say who died by Negan’s bat, Lucille. It was written all over Stephen Yuen’s face, Glen was dying for sure. He fell into the fact that he was human and mourning the loss of the character he played for so many years. I see the same thing here with Chris.

OK You Can Read Again

The reason I say that the mantle of Cap won’t die. Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, will become Captain America in the films. Sebastian Stan is signed on for nine movies with Marvel. So far, he has done 3 and might appear in Black Panther. That still leaves 5 films. Even if he appears in Infinity Wars and Avengers 4 that leaves 3. With Chris’s contract being done having Bucky signed for an additional 3 movies doesn’t quite make sense, unless he becomes Captain America.

Bucky as Cap in the comics


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