Doctor Who San Diego Comic Con 2017

SDCC Doctor Who Panel, Hall H, July 23, 2017

This last weekend, I had the honor of being at the San Diego Comic Con International, Hall H panel for Doctor Who.  7000 attendees, press and professionals were present to honor Peter Capaldi (12th Doctor), Steven Moffat (Executive Producer and Head Writer), and Pearl Mackie (Bill Pots, Companion).  The audience gave a standing ovation to Peter Capaldi and he was moved as it was the first time he has ever received a standing ovation.  My wife and I were very thankful to be present to honor Peter Capaldi in particular as we have missed the annual San Diego panel for the last few years.

What is grabbing a lot of headlines though? The 13th Doctor is female.  But, who cares?  What is going to happen when you finally see a female doctor controlling the TARDIS and pulling companions through adventures?  This is not a cross dresser changing their gender from a male to a female.  This is an alien with no gender preference.

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Ghost Rider Companions (The Heart of Ghost Rider)

Please note that some of this article should be for mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised. Greetings Flame Heads. It is with sadness that I report that the latest series of Ghost Rider has been cancelled. However, the future of Ghost Rider will never be in doubt. We just have to wait a little longer. Like the fabled phoenix, Ghost Rider will rise from the ashes born anew and vengeance will be served. Ghost Rider has this feature built in him that allows any writer to change the person who bears the burden of the Spirt of Vengeance. You can see an article I wrote regarding this mechanism here (I also talk about Ghost Rider’s relationship to Doctor Who). With the cancelling of Ghost Rider, I am looking at why Ghost Rider is appealing to artists and writers. But I also want to keep an honest eye as to why the series cannot grab enough readers to maintain the series

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King’s Quest (2015) Video Game Review

King’s Quest (2015) is a video game of nostalgia that was released in chapters over a span of almost two years. As a note, I separate the 1984 version from the 2015 version since they share the same name. In May of 1984, Roberta Williams, created a game that spawned a multitude of sequels. For me, I remember spending countless of hours at my friend’s, Joshua’s, computer trying to figure out the next puzzle. It hooked me on video games for life. As a result, King’s Quest was my gateway drug.

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