**Spoiler Alert** Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

So. Much. Drama.

The controversy surrounding the release of the newest Mass Effect installment has been insane. Long time fans cry foul for not having the facial and conversational coding done properly. New fans, however, don’t see what all the fuss is about, and call it a beautiful game. As a long time fan that understands that sometimes things don’t go perfect on the first run through, here’s my take on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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Top 5 Whiskey Brands for Saint Patrick’s Day

The art of making a good whiskey has come a long way in recent years. Some of the greatest brands still hail from the Emerald Isle, but America, and even Japan, have become strong contenders for the title of “World’s Best” in the 2010’s. As an avid fan of whiskey myself, I haven’t held back on giving new and often underrated brands a try. Here are my Top 5 Whiskey Brands for Saint Patrick’s Day from recent years for your drinking pleasure!

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