Audio Book Review – Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

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Today I want to take the time to write a short review of a new audio book I just finished listening to.  Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and read by Neil Gaiman.  I know this is not a game review or gaming related.  Stretch your horizons, try new things!

But first want to start out with if you are new to audio books I want to just toss out there that audio books are a great way to keep up on your reading,  Especially if you have a long commute or want something to listen to while you are working on some other task.  If you are going to listen while driving remember to pay attention to the road.  The biggest obstacles to audio books in the past have been the big pile of audio discs or well honestly the cost of an audio book have always been a lot more then a paper back. has changed that.  Yes this is a paid advertisement, just for full disclosure the site does profit from you signing up with them.  That doesn’t change the fact they offer a great services at a good price.  So click on the link and try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks.

Now for the real stuff the review:

2.9 stars out 5.

That may seem a little low for an audio book that I tell I did thoroughly enjoy.  What is holding this particular book back is the performance.  Neil Gaiman did an amazing job of bring the old stories retold in a compelling manner.  I am sure this book reads wonderfully, I hope to find the time to give it what it deserves a good solid read instead of just a listen.  It brought back old memories of reading these stories as a kid in the school library, but he is an author and this audio book would be much better read by professional narrator/actor.  I enjoyed reconnecting with the true origins of the characters that are becoming popular again in the Marvel Studios movies. Listening to the original Thor just looking for a reason to crack heads with Mjölnir had me laughing to myself as I worked around the house.  Even more striking was the tragic character of Loki and the sympathy you will feel for him and his family.  Stopping there on that, don’t want any spoilers for those of you that don’t know more of the traditional stories.

For those of you that want to give this book  what I think it deserves and give it a read I have included a Amazon product banner here to buy the book instead of the audio book.

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