Trailer Breakdown: Women who kick-ass (Part 1: Atomic Blonde)

This weekend gave us two new fantastic trailers, both based on comics. The trailers are showing strong female leads that are kicking ass and taking names. On Friday, we got the restricted red band trailer for “Atomic Blonde.” Which we will talk about here. Come back for part 2 about the new Wonder Woman trailer.

Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde is set for release on July 28th, 2017. Based on the Oni Press graphic novel “The Coldest City” by Antony Johnston and illustrated by Sam Hart.

The film is packed with a great cast. You’ve got Charlize Theron in the lead role playing MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton. You’ll also get supporting roles from James McAvoy, John Goodman, Sofia Boutella, and Toby Jones.

The film is directed by David Leitch. He knows what it takes to put an action film together. He came from the world of stunts and has recently been a stunt/action coordinator. He helped direct John Wick (un-credited) and will be directing our favorite merc with a mouth in Deadpool 2.

The film synopsis from the Atomic Blonde website reads:

“The crown jewel of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service, Agent Lorraine Broughton (Theron) is equal parts spycraft, sensuality and savagery, willing to deploy any of her skills to stay alive on her impossible mission. Sent alone into Berlin to deliver a priceless dossier out of the destabilized city, she partners with embedded station chief David Percival (James McAvoy) to navigate her way through the deadliest game of spies.”

Trailer Breakdown: Spoilers if you haven’t watched it


If your an enthusiast of good fights and that’s why you go to action films, then the first 1:10 of this trailer will get your adrenalin going.

  • We start the trailer seeing Charlize’s character attaching a wire to her body and then cut to her getting ready to go into an area with a loaded gun. The next scene is filled with a balls to the wall fight between her and 2 guys in a stairwell. The intensity of the fight and the factor that nobody seems indestructible makes for some great action
  • We cut to a montage of more action while a voice over from Toby Jones talks about Lorraine Broughton’s (Charlize Theron) specialties. In these few seconds we get a shot of her many passports, including one black haired alias. Another gunman applying a silencer to a pistol, probably as an attempt to take out Lorraine. The shootout that likely occurs with the gunman, and Lorraine dealing out a perfect headshot during said gunfight.
  • We then get a shot of 2 great actors, John Goodman and Toby Jones, in a meeting with Charlize. I’m thinking that this is a debrief of the mission that has been undertaken throughout the film, or one taken to open the film, and will be going back and forth between the mission and discussions in this room .
  • Yet another montage of fighting, showing Lorraine’s proficiency in hand to hand combat. As well as the many bruises and scars she takes living in the lifestyle. Again taking the realistic approach that nobody is indestructible, at least not entirely. Playing over all this we get the Queen song “Killer Queen” appropriately being used.
  • A little more detail is given about what Lorraine’s mission has her set out to do. It appears that other MI6 operatives are being taken out in Berlin. They need Lorraine to go in and find out who is doing this.
  • We get our first glimpse at James McAvoy’s character welcoming Lorraine to Berlin. It looks as though we had another fight. This time with the driver of the car that Lorraine was riding in. The driver, most likely a spy themself, sent to pick up Lorraine from the airport and take her out. This is conveyed by the fact that the car Lorraine’s luggage is in is flipped over with the windows busted and the only other person likely involved is knocked out cold on the ground. This results in the first touch of humor as James McAvoy comes up offering to help Lorraine with her bags, opening the truck to let all her luggage just fall out. While dragging away the unconscious body.
  • The next scene is another montage but of a different variety. Lorraine comes into contact with Sofia Boutella’s character, in more ways than one, as a very provocative girl on girl experience seems to roll out. She’s most likely playing a French connection, whom Lorraine is supposed to meet up with to get info. As Toby’s character states “so you made contact with the French operative.” To which Lorraine responds “Obviously.”
  • Finally we get the knock your socks off montage. Cars on fire, more fights, another head shot in what seems to be the same hotel room fight as before where the first headshot happened. Lastly, Lorraine’s ingenuity as she uses a  police officer/guards body and neck to stop her descent from what looks like a 3rd/4th story jump off a balcony.

What’s not to love?

This film looks fantastic. It was a very pleasant surprise on top of the many movie trailers that have been coming lately. The cast is fantastic. The action looks like it won’t be pulling any punches, resulting in a fun ride. If the director was helping out with John Wick he has shown he knows how to help make a great action film.

Please comment below if you have any different ideas about what’s going on in the trailer. If you would like to get a copy of the source material please click the link below.

I will be following up with part 2 of this article – an in depth look at the new Wonder Woman trailer.

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