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Who is Zach Nelson?

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For all the downsides that can come in today’s world from social media, one giant upside is the ability to be exposed to a multitude of new artists. No longer do people have to chain themselves to the radio all day every day to try and keep up with what was fresh and new. Thanks to sites like Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram amateur artists can now gain viral exposure. I’m not going to say everyone that posts on these sites are amazing, but you do get lucky and find some amazing artists. I wanted to spotlight some of the amazing singers and other artists that I have discovered along the way. I’ll be starting with an up and coming singer/songwriter Zach Nelson.

The Man Behind the Music:

Zach was born in San Jose, CA back in 1994. He has a natural talent for playing instruments, having the invaluable ability to play by ear. He has become an accomplished guitarist, keyboardist, Pianist and Vocalist. It is quite an impressive base of talent to work with for someone who is only 23. He got started on social media before releasing any official music. He joined YouNow early on in January of 2013.

The Music:

Zach’s Signature style of music he brings to the stage is acoustic pop. Don’t be fooled though he can throw down with some techno beats that flow effortlessly over the guitar. His original songs include lyrics he writes that are inspired by the world and events around him. I myself will never get tired of acoustic based music. It’s a style of music that is simple, but can really showcase a person’s talent, or lack of talent. There is no hiding flaws when it comes to singing a simple acoustic tune.

Zach, before releasing his first album in 2014, got his start on social media before releasing any official music. He joined YouNow early on in January of 2013. He released both his own music and also covers of various groups while there. Zach covered such artists as Daya, Tyler Ward and Runner Runner. Zach has garnered some attention from YouTube sensations Tiffany Alvord and Beau Brooks, and also from some of the original artists for whose songs he covered. His You-Now account now has over 179k followers. He also released an album called Skyline last month for our listening pleasure! 

What is Coming:

Zach is currently working on producing a new album with Redwall Studio. This isn’t stopping him however from live streaming with his fan base. He can be seen collaborating with other noted singers such as Lindee Link, and Seth Bishop. I am eagerly awaiting his new content, and have posted below one of his collaborations for everyone’s enjoyment.

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