20 Years of Fight Club, More Batman Casting, & A Barney Live Action Movie!??

All Things Nerd S03E41

The All Things Nerd! Podcast is recorded live every Friday on the Malice Corp Twitch channel. We record live so everyone, and anyone can come join in the fun. Talking the latest in Geek, Nerd, & Pop Culture with a dash of comedy, and completely unrehearsed. Come be a Geek Enthusiast or Nerd Aficionado, and join us for the live stream. Your reactions and interaction feed the content of the final product. All Things Nerd S03E41 we talk 20 years of Fight Club, The Batman film news, piranha teeth discovery, Barney the purple dinosaur live action movie, and much more.



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Season 3 Episode 41:

Get Your Geek On!

  • The Malice Corp Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados talk about what they’ve been doing since last episode. What you should be checking out, and what you should stay far away from? – 2:35


What’s Your Geek Knowledge? Trivia Game:

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Fight Club. We quiz our panel of Geek Enthusiasts & Nerd Aficionados to find out what’s their geek knowledge on Fight Club? – 15:58


Nerd News:

  • The Batman movie updates. The new caped crusader film starring Robert Pattinson now has a Catwoman & The Riddler. Also a surprise person wants to be in the running for Penguin, and Pattinson’s thoughts on playing Batman. – 26:47
  • New discovery on piranha teeth. How do piranha teeth stay so sharp? The way in which they do has been discovered, and it’s a bit baffling. – 48:00
  • Barney the dinosaur live action film in the works. What goes better then a team up between Daniel Kaluuya, star of Get Out, and Barney the purple dinosaur. Many thing, but that’s what we are getting. – 51:01


Rapid Fire News: Quick takes on the nerd, geek, and pop culture headlines.

  • Kingsman 3 is still happening with cast attached – 56:12
  • Jessica Henwick joins Matrix 4 – 57:38
  • Edge of Tomorrow 2 script is ready to start filming – 59:55


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