“All Things Nerd!” S03E19: Disney’s Next 7 Years, & Trailer Reaction Party (It 2, Watchmen, Final Fantasy 7)

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Disney through 2027, & Trailer Reactions (It 2, Watchmen, & Final Fantasy 7)

The All Things Nerd! Podcast is recorded live every Friday on the Malice Corp Twitch channel. We record live so everyone, and anyone can come join in the fun. Talking the latest in Geek, Nerd, & Pop Culture with a dash of comedy, and completely unrehearsed. Come be a Geek Enthusiast or Nerd Aficionado, and join us for the live stream. Your reactions and interaction feed the content of the final product. This weeks topics cover: Disney films through 2027, trailer reactions to It: Chapter 2, HBO’s Watchmen, and Final Fantasy 7 remake, and more.

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“All Things Nerd!” Season 3 Episode 19

Get Your Geek On!:

What have you been up to, or what should we be checking out, that keeps you geeking out to pass the time? We talk about some of the stuff that’s currently tickling our nerd fancy.

Nerd News:

  • The Next 7 Years of Disney: Disney, you know the company that owns everything, has released their plans for the next 7 years of movies. This includes everything from the Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Marvel side of things. We break down the hopes, and the potential failures.
  • Trailer Party: Whenever a large chunk of great geek and nerd trailers come out. That’s when we get in front of our screens, and give some reactions, thoughts, and questions.
    This time we discuss trailers for: It Chapter 2, HBO’s Watchmen, & the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Somebody’s Gotta Talk About It:

  • It’s another does of those weird, wild, and odd stories that somebody has to talk about. We figure why not us?
    • Liquid Death: The refreshing beverage that is so metal it’ll melt your face off…. actually it’s just spring water in a can, but oh what a spin they put on it.

Nerd Fight Poll: The Best Character from Marvel Cinematic Universe

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