“All Things Nerd!” S03E06 – Super Bowl 2019 Trailers, NASA D.A.R.T., Skybound / Beamdog, & more

All Things Nerd Podcast Season 3 Episode 6

The All Things Nerd Podcast with the Malice Corp Geek Enthusiasts & Nerd Aficionados sit down every Friday evening 8 PM PST (West Coast) to chat about All Things Nerd. With some fun, games, comedy, and bad phrasing. Mest5150 and his fellow Malicecasters talk about, and react to the biggest things going on in the world of Nerd, Geek, and Pop Culture. 

Recorded LIVE every Friday 8PM PST (West Coast) on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/malicecorp

Come on by and be a part of the show in the interactive chat room. 

Previously recorded 2/8/19. Join in live every Friday 8 PM PST on Twitch

All Things Nerd Podcast Season 3 Episode 6: 

Get Your Geek On! – 

The MaliceCast Geek Enthusiasts & Nerd Aficionados talk about what has been tickling their nerdy fancy. As well as the viewing audience in the interactive chatroom. 

Classy Nerd – 

We’re building a Dungeons and Dragons party out of the Malicecasters. We have a sorcerer and a bard. Now we find out what Marlyba will be. 

Nerd News – 

– Super Bowl VIII Movie Trailers

Every year the Super Bowl brings us at least one entertaining  thing. If the game isnt great at least we got movie trailers. Reacting and rating best to worst of 2019 offerings: Us, Avengers: End Game, Birds of Prey, Hobbs & Shaw, Captain Marvel, Toy Story 4, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Wonder Park 

– NASA D.A.R.T. Mission

The NASA Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is planned to shoot an asteroid off trajectory, and save the Earth. In the event that a cataclysmic asteroid comes our way. 

– Skybound Games partners with Beamdog

In a partnership to bring Baldur’s Gate, and other Dungeons & Dragons role playing PC games of the past to consoles. What could this mean for the future of PC games & full role playing games on consoles?

NERD FIGHT Picks – Most Improved TV Show Ever. 

They started out us duds, or just didn’t entertain us. However, If you would have stuck with it. The show got fantastic. This week’s NERD FIGHT picks are about those type of shows. Hear what we picked, start voting, & come back for the fight on next week’s episode. 

Hashtags of the week – 

– Interact with the Malicecasters on social media or in the comments below with their weekly hashtag: 

  • Mest5150 @Mest_MaliceCorp – #GeekyValentine What Geeky / Nerdy plans do you have for Valentine’s Day
  • Masonic Vader @MasonicVader#ClassicNintendo What was your favorite Nintendo game of the past?
  • Super Whovian Freak @SuperWhovianNut #SPN300 Keep the Supernatural 300th episode love going.


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