“All Things Nerd!” S03E20: HBO what comes next?, Trailer Reactions, & A Sparkly Batman Casting!

All Things Nerd 102: HBO What’s Next, Black Mirror S05, & Robert Pattinson Batman

The All Things Nerd! Podcast is recorded live every Friday on the Malice Corp Twitch channel. We record live so everyone, and anyone can come join in the fun. Talking the latest in Geek, Nerd, & Pop Culture with a dash of comedy, and completely unrehearsed. Come be a Geek Enthusiast or Nerd Aficionado, and join us for the live stream. Your reactions and interaction feed the content of the final product. All Things Nerd 102 – We talk HBO’s next step, breakdown some trailers, & discuss the new Batman casting.

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All Things Nerd! Podcast Season 3 Episode 20

Get Your Geek On!:

What have you been up to, or what should we be checking out, that keeps you geeking out to pass the time? We talk about some of the stuff that tickles our nerd fancy.

Nerd Takes:

Game of Thrones is ending, and we give our last minute thoughts on whats going to happen during the finale.

Nerd News:

  • Trailer Reactions:
    • His Dark Materials: Will this adaption of the best selling book series, a remake of the tent pole film series that flopped in the theaters, be the savior that HBO is looking for to take the torch from Game of Thrones?
    • Black Mirror Season 5: Everything we know so far.
  • Robert Pattinson Cast For Batman: Will the star of Twilight be the hero we deserve? Along with who his main villains could be.

Somebody’s Gotta Talk About It:

  • It’s another dose of those weird, wild, and odd stories that somebody has to talk about. We figure why not us?
    • The Taco Bell Hotel: The Bell is opening in Palm Springs, and we break down what our hopes and dreams are for the resort.

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