Hope nothing bursts out of your chest! It’s Alien Day

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

Today is Alien Day, in honor of the classic that came out in 1979, skyrocketing Sigourney Weaver’s career and giving us the slogan “In space nobody can hear you scream,” and landing on the planet LV-426. (Get it? 426 just like today’s date 4-26?) So here are a few suggestions from Malice-Corp that you can do in celebration of Alien Day!!!

Alien Day Movie MarathonAlien_Day_Movie_Marathon

Ok this is the pretty obvious one. Get out your Alien DVD/Blu-ray/whatever you have to watch. Last year I did this for Alien Day starting with Prometheus and showed my wife all the films for the first time. (Minus Resurrection and the AVP films, nobody should be forced to watch those.)

H.R. GigerHR_Giger_Alien_Day

Go check out some Giger art or even pick up one of his art books on Amazon. If not for his style then who knows what the Xenomorph would have looked like. Probably nowhere NEAR as terrifying.

Bake a Cake

Alien_Day_CakeIf you have a passion for the culinary food arts. Bake up a cake that looks like a face-hugger egg or has a chest burster coming out of it.

Read a comic bookAlien_Comic

There were some great Alien comics from Dark Horse Comics back in the day. A great read for any fan of the series. Once again these can be grabbed on Amazon.

Books for the Novel Reader

Earth_Hive_AlienBeing that Alien was a large franchise it of course got novels written in that universe. One particular series that is fantastic is the Earth Hive series by Steve Perry. (If the name sounds familiar he had another fantastic book in a different geek sci-fi universe known as Star Wars, writer of Shadows of the Empire – but not THAT Steve Perry, you’ll have to Journey a little farther than a galaxy far far away to find him.) By all accounts this should have been what took place in the films after Aliens 3. Instead we got Resurrection, sorry but I have great disdain for that film.

Get Hyped!!

Go back and watch the amazing trailer for Alien: Covenant, and get happy that we will be able to see this in theaters next month May 19, 2017. Better yet watch the prologue that was released today, discussing what happened to Elizabeth and David from Prometheus.

Let us know what your going to do to celebrate Alien Day in the comments below. As always make sure to follow us on all our other platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.




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