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Sorry about the delay on getting this article out. I’ve been on Vacation on a cruise ship which makes internet and ability to write tough. So lets get into it. On Friday May 19, 2017, we got our second look into the Alien prequel-verse. Alien: Covenant was released to the masses, and helping to move us forward from Prometheus. With the trip we’re going on to be the one that finally connects the dots to the beginning of the original Alien.

If you have not seen the movie and want to go in spoiler free (you’ve had weeks to do this). I fear this is not the article for you. With so many little things that happen throughout the film. Spoilers will be hard to stay away from. If you don’t care or just want to read someone else’s thoughts on the film. WELCOME!! Hope you enjoy! Let’s get to it.


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Prometheus ground work

When Prometheus came out back in 2012, it had the alien fandom excited. Finally after having to wade through all the crap that was Alien: Resurrection and the AVP films. We were getting the father of the Alien franchise, Ridley Scott, back. He was going to show us where the derelict ship on LV-426 came from, and create a prequel for the ages to the original Alien. Instead we got a film that explored human’s apparent origins, filled with many idiotic scientists, and a very small connection to Alien franchise thrown in. Sure there was a derelict ship, and you saw what the pilot of the ship was, and you saw what had a resemblance to a Face-hugger and Xenomorph.

None of these answered the questions we were hoping for. Let alone give us the feel of the original Alien. I personally was pissed walking out of the theater on first viewing. Then I let time sit and revisited the film. When you look at it not from the standpoint of an Alien prequel, but just as a Ridley suspense space thriller. I have come to appreciate Prometheus. However, with that idea being out of the way I sure as hell was needing Covenant to give me more of a connection.

Alien: Covenant build up

More of a connection it indeed did give. From the first full trailer all the way to sitting in my seat and watching the opening credits. I was already feeling that we were getting closer to ending up on LV-426. The trailer showed us a proper Xenomorph, it had the proper feel. We had a good core of characters, some of which we actually cared about if they lived or died. There were also two videos that came out to give a little more explanation into the feel of the film. One that had all of the crew of the Covenant celebrating amongst each other.

The other that showed what happened with Elizabeth Shaw and David right after Prometheus.

Both of these give a better feel and understanding for the movie. They also make the film that much better. Which brings us to actual thoughts on the film.

Alien: Covenant

The film is about the crew of the spaceship Covenant. A crew of colonist that are going to a new planet to expand the human race to places beyond earth. Because of circumstances with a solar flare, all of the flight crew are brought out of early hibernation except for one the captain of the ship, played by James Franco. So if you were hoping for a lot of Franco in the film sorry you will be sorely disappointed. I do like the factor that a bigger name dies before even saying a word in the film.

The crew finds they are still years from their destination and comes across a mystery signal in space. Very reminiscent of the original Alien, difference this time it’s not a distress signal but a John Denver song. The captain in charge decides that this would be a better place then any to check out for colonization, as opposed to forcing people back into their hibernation pods or stay awake for years on the ship waiting to get to original destination. They land on the plant wander and poke around where they shouldn’t and of course bad things happen.

We get another new rendition of the Alien eggs. This time we have spore pods that shoot particles in the air that drive into the skin, creating another type of alien opposite the xenomorph. Very similiar to a smaller version of the clone hybrid seen in Alien Resurrection. In the aftermath of dealing with these creatures the Landing parties ship explodes, and they are left stranding as they can not reach the Covenant above the atmosphere.

A stranger steps in to save them from the new aliens and direct them to somewhere safe. This savior being David the android from Prometheus.

Prometheus Covenant connection

David is the sole connection between the 2 films. He explains what happens to Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus, though watching the prologue gives you a better understanding of this. Which in turn after watching the prologue, makes you wonder why David has done what he has done? Sure, it is making Shaw a more important cog of creation in his mind. Having made her the original mother, or queen of the creatures we have come to know as Xenomorphs. Fassbender does a fantastic job continuing his role as David, while also taking on the task of being a new model of David, Walter.

One character who’s ideas of the human race are flawed due to not seeing the flaws put there inside of himself in David. The other a character that will do what ever is necessary to take care of those from the Covenant crew no matter what due to his programming in Walter. This is the main point of watching Covenant is the battle of the androids.

New Cast Better Players

With the new cast of characters in the film we get a much more fully developed team and characters to enjoy. Nobody screams of being a jerk or 100% an idiot. Although there are those that have their “Duh” moments. It’s required in these type of films. The addition of the character of Tennessee, played by Danny McBride, is my favorite part of this film. Not coming in just being the slapstick comedy of the film. McBride shows that he can play a more serious role and really is worth watching.

Our main protagonist, Daniels played by Katherine Waterston, Does a fairly good job. The only downfall is she doesn’t show that grit or power of being a female that can take care of herself. A common theme from the franchise is the theme of a strong female, ever since Ripley first graced us with her presence.


Overall the core characters that are their at the end give me high hopes for the next film. I pray they don’t pull a Alien 3 on me and kill everybody that I have come to enjoy, mainly Tennessee off immediately.

The film is a reccomended watch for any Alien fan or sci-fi horror nerd. Especially now that it will probably only be in the $1-5 theaters. Make dure to watch it and let us know you opinion in the comments below.

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