Aladdin Casting Confirmed

Disney’s Live Action Aladdin Casting Confirmed

Meet the Stars Confirmed for the Movie So Far

Hello all you nerd enthusiasts and Geek aficionados! I am super stoked to see that the casting for Aladdin is starting to finally fall into place. Sherlock Holmes filmmaker Guy Ritchie is directing the film. Bailey said the film will draw influences for the city city of Agrabah from cities in the Middle East, India, and even China. Ritchie says that “Not only will the 1992 animated movie be a major influence, but the screenplay will go back to the classic Arabic folktales of One Thousand And One Nights.” Despite Rumors that casting was not going according to plan by Ritchie, we have been proven wrong. We now have the roles for Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie filled. Disney Announced the casting Earlier today at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. So let’s see who was casted for the roles:


Aladdin: Mena Massoud

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Massoud currently stars in the Amazon “Jack Ryan” series.He plays the role of Tarek Kassar on the John Krasinski-led adaptation of the classic Tom Clancy franchise. He stars alongside Timothy Hutton, Peter Fonda, Kenny Wong and John Hoogenakker. Other screen credits from Massoud include The 99 the film Strange But True and the teen drama series Open Heart. Massoud was born in Egypt and raised in Canada. The casting announcements come after reports that Disney was having trouble casting young actors of middle eastern descent to play the lead roles in the film — which is set in the fictional city of Agrabah.

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Jasmine: Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott is an up and coming actress having most recently starred in the Power Rangers Movie. Scott played the Pink Ranger Kimberly in the remake of the classic series. Scott had been previously rumored to be up for the role alongside actress Tara Sutaria, but the studio was waiting to officially cast Aladdin before it decided on Jasmine. Scott’s other acting credits include an appearance in The 33, a series regular role on the short-lived Fox drama Terra Nova and a co-starring turn in the Disney Channel musical movie Lemonade Mouth. Scott also self-released an EP titled Promises back in August.


The Genie: Will Smith

Obviously the most well known actor of the 3 cast, the role of the Genie went to Will Smith. Smith is a Two-time Oscar Nominee and brings the star power to what appears to be a film of up and coming actors.  I am a little bit torn on this casting choice. On one hand I love Will Smith, he is a great actor. He can handle both the comedy and drama moments the role will demand. This is a very hard role to be cast in let’s be honest, no one will ever be able to live up to the genius that Robin Williams brought to this character.

So the conundrum that faces both the writers, directors and Smith himself is how to write this iconic character. Do you keep him loud and boisterous and completely off the wall like Williams played him? Or do you flip it around and make him a completely new character? It’s going to be interesting to see. I hope for their sake, for Smith’s sake, and for Robin’s memory that they nail it. Because it is such an amazing character and deserves to have its integrity upheld.

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